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Simplicity doesn’t get old. It is the major feature of durable and comfortable items that can stand the test of it. This is applicable to single speed mountain bikes, they are the simplest and most user friendly bikes you will ever encounter. Individuals purchase this type of bikes for different reason: for fun, health benefits, adventure, mountain races etc. with a single gear ratio compartment, it is extremely light and stripped off excess equipment such as derailleur heavy gears, hub gearing and other components found in regular bikes. Lots of people purchase this bike due to its easy to use gear ratio function that allows mountain climbers navigate through tough terrains at very high speed.

There is an influx of single speed mountain bikes in the market currently, this can be attributed to the fact that there is an increase in the demand for such bikes because it is cheap, durable and very accessible. This article serves as a guide in helping you choose a single speed mountain bike that can satisfy all of your riding needs and more. Although it is tagged ‘mountain bike’, it isn’t solely meant for mountain climbing as this bike is so versatile, you will be amazed at the different activities it can be used for. So where can you find such bikes? How do you identify the best? What features do you look out for? What are the leading products out there? How can you optimize its uses? This and more will be treated in this article. Let us begin with the leading products in the market.


Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Urban Commuter Bike

Designed in six colours (Matte Black, Sky Blue, White & Black, Graphite & Orange, Sage Green and Sangria) we present to you the leader of the excellent pack of single speed mountain bikes. The Harper bike allows you be the captain of your ride with an amazing freewheel feature that enables you enjoy a fixed or single-speed ride. Available in an array of sizes ranging from 49cm (s) to 61cm (xl) this mega bike is suitable for anyone regardless of weight, height or size. You will fall in love with its simplicity, as this bike is lightweight with very few parts that keep you stable on the go. The manufacturers installed a one of a kind flip-flop hub with single-speed sides that enables you ride the bike on plain roads. Equipped with two brakes, you can be sure of having rides that are fun as well safe, the Harper bike sits at the very peak on the list of top-notch single speed bikes you can rely on.

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

Take charge of your race with this 700c x 28c wheel bike that offers the best kind of biking experience you will ever get. Vilano Edge is a fast bike made with strong steel, 45mm anodized wheels and effective front and back brakes that guarantees safety even in high speed. Its chain rings can be changed at any time, pedals are flat enough to offer stability when you’re not riding your bike and the alloy rims absorbs any kind of tension that forms around the wheels. With this bike, you have an array of riding options: you can ride on a cog or switch to single gear speed with its 16T freewheel and 16T flip flop hub feature. You cannot get it wrong with this peculiar bike that gives you the feeling of freedom as you ride through mountainous terrains in absolute safety, fun and comfort.

GTM 26” Speed folding Mountain Bike


Now this is a bike that is in a class of its own. The GTM speed folding mountain bike, is a trendsetter in the innovative space of mountain bikes. Trying to take on higher grounds and can’t seem to move you bike upwards? Don’t fret, take a smart leap and get this bike as, its folding features make it easy to use. It is light weight, made with Steel Mountain frames that portray strength, durability and comfort, this bike can take on different terrains. The GTM Speed Folding Bike comes with steel riser handlebars, well-crafted pedals, saddles and seat you can adjust to suit your height. You can purchase this wonder bike in Gloss, black and blue colours.

Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike

The increase in demand for single speed bike rises everyday with bikes such as the Nashbar Mountain bike. Put all of your worries with handling so many parts of a bike aside and bask in the fun that comes with riding a simple yet sophisticated piece of equipment such as this one. You can ascertain the strength of this bike through its 6061 aluminium frame that gives it an unmatched elegant look, its Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes give it the ability to stop abruptly without causing accidents. Check out its 680mm aluminium bar tailored to suit the comfort of any rider, this bike is already assembled for you, you do not have to go through the rigorous process of assembling parts and trying to figure out what fits where, you really get a great deal with this one.

Copenhagen Single Speed Fixie Bike

You definitely cannot let go of this bike once you set your gaze on it. Bring all of your riding fantasies to life with this unique gadget that is available in various sizes of 52cm, 56cm and 60cm, are you a lover of colours? Then you will enjoy this beautiful piece as its wheels and frames come in different colours cool right? The Copenhagen fixie bike is as strong as the mountains you want to conquer, with 700cc x 28 firm wheels that ensure speed and stability. What’s not to love about a bike that is specially made for any rider? You can get this beauty as a gift for a loved one and receive great reviews as it is made for both the bold and subtle rider.

2017 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If you seek a powerful, fast and reliable bike tailored to perfection by excellent manufacturers, then you need to purchase the 2017 Gravity FSX full suspension mountain bike. It is a 24 speed dual suspension bike with effective front and rear discs brakes that are positioned for a blend of safety and comfort. Gain unimaginable fun as you utilize its Shimano Shifters all encased in long lasting aluminium frames. This classy, light weight bike is available in different colours such as gray, white and yellow so do pick out any that suits your peculiar taste, regardless of the colour you decide on, you are guaranteed the same level of quality promised with every ride.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars

We present a bike you will enjoy riding in any weather, the Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear bike makes you want to ride on and never stop. It is a rare blend of sophistication and simplicity layered with only the finest features and components. Enjoy a ride in this beautiful bike with firm Kenda Kwest tires, sturdy frames enmeshed in bright colours, light weight and water bottle mount for a much more enjoyable ride. Critical Cycle gives the rider very suitable bike pedals that boosts your riding experience. A rider on this bike will stand out in the midst of other riders even from a distance because of its attractive look in colours that are made for both men and women.

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

The Takara brand is known for excellence delivery, its single speed bike is modelled after its culture of churning out exclusive and elegant products made to perfection. Takara Kabuto single speed bike features a 32 hole alloy wheel that keeps the rider firm whilst riding through tough terrains. Take this Kabuto bike for a fun spin with its beautiful steel frame, front and rear pull brakes for safety as well as a flip flop hub that enables the rider switch easily between fixed gear and standard free wheel. Are you getting excited already? This bike is so versatile, it can take on both long and short distance rides, don’t worry about durability, Takara has manufactured an excellent product that can stand the test of riding time. Takara presents a bike in shades of beautiful colours with tough steel frames that can take you through a world of adventurous fun.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Allow your bike take the lead with this wonder on wheels, let its classic feel set you apart from others as you bask in the durable frame crafted from high quality steel. The single speed fixie bike puts the power in your hands as you are free to choose its riding mode from its flip flop feature that allows for freewheel or fixed riding. There is an abundance of unique features with the different parts of this bike, from its firm handlebars, to water bottle mounts, built to last saddles, you cannot get it wrong with this bike. With lifetime warranty on frames from the manufacturers, one year warranty on components and very strong wheels, the durability of this bike cannot be called into question.

Sole Bicycles Fixed Gear and Single Speed, Urban Road Bike with Flip Flop Hub

This bike is a worthy purchase, you will have reflective moments about how great this product is as you undertake convivial rides on adventurous paths. Cruise through hills, pavements and rocky grounds as you utilize its efficient single-speed mode. It is an upscale, affordable and fast bike with great features that will keep you on the go. This bike is made for riders of all shapes, as their focus on excellent delivery extends to the production of bikes that suit all shapes and sizes, you just might be in luck and find your perfect fit and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the luxury feel this bike gives. Other key features include: Flip/flop functions, steel frame, and an assurance of durability. Where are the lovers of colourful bikes? This one is definitely meant for you, it comes in 9 exotic colours, what more do you need in a single speed bike? Oh, we got an answer, absolutely nothing!

Ancheer Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Urban Fixie Bike

Standard handlebars are a must for every single speed bike, the Ancheer Single Speed Bike comes with very good handlebars that aid navigation, you can choose from a variety of colours with excellent lightweight designs. From Flip Flop hub feature, back brakes and a 26 inch wheel diameter, you cannot go wrong with this single speed bike. You know you are compatible with a bike when you experience comfort at every ride, don’t just own a piece a bike, own an investment that guarantees safety, fun and pleasure. This and more is what you will experience with the Ancheer Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Urban Fixie Bike.

What a ride we’ve been on, the search for only the best single speed mountain bikes has led to the unveiling of our top bikes that are not just excellent in looks but effective on the road. So why single speed bikes? Why does it hold so much appeal? Why is it so important? Stay with us as we analyse the advantages of single speed mountain bikes.


A closer look at our product review above gives you a glimpse into just how light a single speed bike is. This is the most enthralling feature of this type of bike, unlike other bikes it is easy to navigate through any area and this can be attributed to the fact that single speed mountain bikes do not consist of heavy weight components such as shifters, cables, chain rings etc. they are simple bikes that can fit in anywhere and with any rider.


Single speed mountain bikes keeps you moving regardless of the climate. Due to its light weight nature, it is able to navigate through very tough weather and move through. This is very important as most riders do not ride in certain climates because they fear getting stuck. With single speed mountain bikes, stuck as a word doesn’t exist, you simply ride your way through any area and in any weather too. So bring on winter, summer, autumn single speed bike has got you covered.


There is beauty in simplicity, single speed mountain bikes are made up of one chain ring, the chain, a crank and a cog. The simplicity in its design just makes riders fall in love with it, as this also makes it the easiest bike to maintain. Stripped off other heavy parts such as derailleurs, single speed mountain bike becomes a biker’s favourite.


With its light weight, lesser parts, and simple outlook the single-speed mountain bike is easy to maintain. Pump your tires, clean out the wheels, take care of frames and handlebars and you are done with maintenance. This easy maintenance routine is an attractive feature for riders who do not want to experience the rigours of maintaining a bike with so many parts.


All bikes are not meant to be used for mountain rides, some just don’t have the ability to handle terrains that are tough. If you use a bike made for city roads alone for mountain rides, you might affect the longevity of the bike, make it vulnerable to constant repairs and this will affect its output. Single speed mountain bikes are made for the mountains, they can also be utilized for other rides so hold on to your bike as it brings your riding imaginations to life.


With single speed mountain bikes, you enjoy a blend of comfort and stability as you ride in speed. Under the sun or in the rain, this bike has the capacity to keep you satisfied through your rides as its lightweight feature makes it a delight on any terrain.

Single speed mountain bike is the future of riding, its simplistic nature has created a need for less complex bikes that suits a variety of rides. So your single speed bike is an investment worth maintaining, you can go shopping for these amazing products, purchase them and not utilize them to their full potential because of poor maintenance culture. You wouldn’t want to buy a bike that cannot withstand the pressures of tough rides now would you? So how best can single speed bikes be maintained?


We have already established the fact that single speed bikes are the easiest bikes to maintain. Their simplistic nature and light weight is a major reason for easy maintenance unlike fully geared bikes. We will provide a more hands-on guide to cleaning your bike with focus on the few parts it has. Let us begin with the wonder wheels that set us in motion shall we?

Wheels in Motion

The wheels of your single speed bike are as important as the frames of the bike. Some riders focus on the frames alone, leaving out other parts, this shouldn’t be the case because every part matters. Grab a clean rag, some water and great cleaning product as you wash off grit from your wheels. As you clean out, also check the brakes, spokes and rims, use the cleaning product to wipe off every trace of debris, you can separate the wheels from the tyre if you wish to carry out a more thorough cleaning exercise.

Brake Pads

The brakes of your single speed bike will function less if you do not do a routine check on them. So as often as you can, after cleaning your wheels, disengage your brake pads as well to expose whatever debris is hidden there. Using hot water, scrubbing brush and a clean rag gently wipe off grit that may have clogged the brakes, leave them to dry out then carefully replace them.

Tyre Relief

This is the most vulnerable part of your single speed bike. They do most of the work, take on the weight of the rider and tackle sharp objects in tough terrains. Tyres can deflate at any time so constant care is mandatory if you want to enjoy your biking experience. Get a good pump, preferably one with pressure gauge to ascertain the exact pressure limit as recommended by the manufacturer. For more speed, faster rides and firm tyres, give your tyre some much needed relief with a high maintenance culture.

Fit Frames

This is the part loved by a lot of bikers, everyone wants a beautiful looking frame with sleek looks and clear colours. However, some bikers do not know how best to maintain the frames of their bike and this leads to more long term problems. Simply use a wet rag with very small amount of washing gel to wipe off dust from frames. Please check out the cleaning product before use as some products contain harmful substances that can affect the frame negatively. Get some lubricants for the pedals, hubs, cassette and head sets. Your bike should look clean and ready to take on rides so do put in as much effort as you can in achieving a fit frame.

Single Speed Bikes win all the time. Simplicity has become the new cool in a world where people seek faster means to attain pleasurable rides. You don’t need a bike with lots of gears to enjoy your mountain rides, you only require the best single speed bike with lots of class, comfort and stability. This article is based on three focal points: The leading single speed bike out there in the market, the advantages of owning a set and how to maintain your bike. We put this vital piece together for you so you can stroll into any retail point and purchase the most priceless, simple, light weight, comfortable and classy single speed mountain bike ever!









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