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Using certain equipment or gadgets outdoors can be very intriguing until you discover that their battery life cannot go for as long as you would like. It is at that point that you realize the need for a back-up charger which is why there is a cogent need to look in the direction of LiPo chargers. Due to the numerous brands saturating the market, the task of selecting which one best suits your need has become more or less daunting.

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a LiPo charger is if the wattage it produces is enough to cater for the energy consumption of your device and your preference between the plug and play charger or the programmable ones. Once you have this information, you can then get choosy with other things which we will get into shortly.

The Plug-and play chargers although the cheaper option do not compete well with the programmable ones in terms of technological capabilities. That being said, if all you are looking at is just powering a small capacity device, then you are good with this type of charger and also get to spend less than you certainly would with the programmable ones.

The other option is the programmable charger which is very efficient but expensive. It is very ideal for equipment that consumes more energy. However, there is a need to select products with substantial memory capacity especially if different RCs will be feeding off the charger. This is required so that the need to toggle between settings is eliminated every time you plug a battery to the LiPo charger. It is also noteworthy that the programmable chargers are relatively faster than the Plug and Play variant.

As earlier stated, there is the need to determine the amount of wattage that is required to power your equipment as this is how you will be able to ensure prudence in your spending. In the case where you do not have this information, it is important to know that if all you want to charge is just one battery at a time then between 50-60W is adequate but then there would be time when the need to charge multiple batteries concurrently arises and it is for cases like this that a charger with significantly higher capacity is recommended.

Furthermore, if you are looking to charge multiple cell batteries, you should note that they are mostly amplified to deliver more amperage so that your batteries are charged quickly. For instance, a 2200mAH battery will consume such a high amperage that it will take not less than a charger that can provide 2.2A to charge normally. The higher the better though because it means a quicker period for the charging.

Other essential information for any potential customer is that although the LiPo charger is designed to charge any LiPo battery, it will not charge any battery type that doesn’t fall under that classification. There will be some cases however where the LiPo charger’s cross-support functionality will allow it to charge other batteries but it is recommended to charge only LiPo batteries with it.

Safety and Chargers

In terms of safety precautions for your chargers, you must bear in mind that there is no LiPo charger that is not susceptible to getting insanely hot. Hence there is the need to ensure that you pay good attention to the charger at all times. Even in room temperature, you must have a ceramic or even wood on which to place the charger to reduce the risk of explosion and fire. More so, any easily combustible material like paper and clothing material must be kept at safe distances so that it possibility of kindling is also better managed.

Now that we have discussed the various factors that hold importance when it comes to choosing which unit to get, let us take a look at some of the most appealing options that you will find on the market. If you want to get your hands on one that has the function of balance charging and is compatible with a wide range of batteries, this is an option that you can take a look at. This LiPo battery charger has the ability to support various types of battery packs.

Having discussed extensively the antecedence and safety of the LiPo charger, we believe that by now some things are beginning to take shape in your minds. However, to make the selection process easier for you, we have gone through the various brands in the market and come up with detailed specification and bits of customer reviews so that all you need to make an informed choice is complete.

Tenergy TB6-B – Best RC Lipo Battery Charger

First on our list is the Tenergy TB6-B which is widely acclaimed as the best LiPo battery charger in the RC category. It can support several connectors making its usage somewhat universal. It’s not too bad in terms of safety no thanks to its balance charging function. It is also packed with different charging modes including fast and storage which can come in handy in some cases where you need to store the data of many batteries. This charger is capable of storing the data of as many as 5 batteries. The TB6-B is one battery type that I can assure you will never disappoint and rest assured that you will get value for every cent you invest.

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Tenergy TB6-B – Best RC Lipo Battery Charger

Traxxas 2970 EZ-Peak – Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars

Another charger with the capability to provide quality performance is the Traxxas 2970 EZ-Peak. The features embedded in the application are such that gives a very attractive outlook and is also very safe. This product is recommended for customers who are on the lookout for high level of efficiency.

This product also has a major setting where a single LiPo storage charge functions as protection to your battery. With high level resolution and detection of the highest charge, you are assured of an ideal charge which will meet your requirements. More so, there are other improved settings that allow the manual control of the settings. There are several batteries types that can be charged with this product and this makes it a good value for money.

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Traxxas 2970 EZ-Peak – Best Lipo Battery Charger for RC Cars

Venom Pro 2 Charger

Next on our list is the Venom Pro 2 Charger, the beauty of this product is that it offers you the level of service that is sure to give you the best value for your money. With the ability to produce and release charge current of between 0.1 to 6A meaning that most of the batteries available in the market can be adequately catered for. The safety precautions adopted in the manufacturing of this charger is also in line with global best practices, hence you can be assured that your unit will not blow up in your face.

There is a programmable thermal temp alarm that is installed in the charger that allows you to set the automatic shutdown system such that in the case of any unusual circumstances or abnormal heating, your unit shuts down automatically. With this precautionary innovation, you can enjoy the quality and performance that is the hallmark of this product without exercising fear of sudden destruction befalling your unit.

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Venom Pro 2 Charger

Tenergy 1-4

The Tenergy 1-4 is a very popular product on the market mainly because of its advanced and very reliable safety measures. For the level of current that will be produced to charge your equipment, it is very important to purchase a unit that will ensure optimal level of user safety while not easing off on user experience. This is where the Ternegy 1-4 takes the lead. There is also a very alluring aluminum alloy case which adds immensely to the safety measure already put in place. Since it is also light weight, you can be assured that it is not much of a burden to carry around with you. In fact with its automatic charging capabilities, it becomes much easier to use.

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Tenergy 1-4

Keenstone Lipo Charger

For the more advanced users, the Keenstone LiPo charger is highly recommended mainly because of its capabilities which include high performance and adequate safety. Hence, you might want to take a closer look at this product if the number of equipment or the frequency of charging is on the high side.

This charger is provided with a lot of settings that make it an appealing option. For starters, it supports a wide range of battery types. Furthermore, it is equipped with dual individual charger ports so that you can charge two batteries at a time, thereby increasing the convenience that it offers.

This product also has several settings which endear it to customers including its ability to charge several battery types and also its dual individual charger ports which allows for the charging of two batteries concurrently and subsequently improving customer experience.

With the capabilities embedded in this product, customers can charge almost any kind of devices from tablets and cell phones. Customers also have the luxury of selecting the balance charging option. Apart from this option, there are other models in the production line from which you can choose whichever suits your needs. These models include but are not limited to the LiPo balance charge, fast charge, storage and discharge. Apart from these four, there is also the multi-chemistry charger which allows you to charge a wide range of batteries without hassles.

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Keenstone Lipo Charger

Genuine SKYRC Lipo Battery Charger

The Genuine SKYRC LiPo battery charger comes with quite a lot of features including the usual top notch quality and safety measures. You can be sure to get even more than your money’s worth with the much functionality embedded in this product and also stay safe from the fake units especially with the anti-fake holographic serial number which is usually at the back. This is why of all the products in the market, this product is among the few whose original units can be easily identified.

As part of its capabilities, the SKYRC LiPo charger is able to read the voltage of each of its cells with relative ease. It also has a resistance meter installed such that it is able to take cognizance of the level of resistance that each cell possess. Both information are critical to the customer especially in his bid to keep tabs on the health status of the cells in order to get the best value possible from them.

Just when you think this product has given its all, you then see the terminal voltage control function which ensures that it is possible to adjust and regulate the voltage such that it blocks off the charges which ordinarily would have reached each cell. The charger also spots a firmware program that is very efficient and upgradable.

Image result for Genuine SKYRC Lipo Battery Charger

Genuine SKYRC Lipo Battery Charger

UP120AC Duo Dual 2

Finally, the UP120AC Duo Dual 2 is also very appealing to many customers especially because they come with RC battery chargers therefore; it has a much optimized AC-DC charger which is capable of charging two batteries concurrently. The rate of charging is also very high making it one of the most efficient products in its price range. In terms of reliability, convenience and compactness coupled with its one year warranty, the UP120AC leads the pack.

Image result for UP120AC Duo Dual 2

UP120AC Duo Dual 2


LiPo chargers provide you with a very safe, convenient and reliable power source for your batteries no matter the clime hence you do not have to worry about losing power in any of your devices. Many of these chargers are equipped with the level of robustness that makes them able to charge different types of batteries which means you can be assured of getting some sort of universal charging ports for all your mobile power needs. We hope that with the information supplied here, you have been better prepared to make informed decisions on which product works best for you.

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