Have you ever thought about the connection between heat and sight? Can the presence of heat enhance vision? Think no further, this article is all about the amazing goggle that utilizes heat in projecting great visuals: It is the Thermal Vision Goggle. Thermal vision goggle is a type of night vision goggle with sensors that are capable of detecting heat and radiation, the amount of radiation detected increases with the temperature. Due to its unique ability at using heat for directions, thermal vision goggles do not require light to view an object so even in darkness, the presence of heat makes vision possible.

The market place for night vision goggles is quite a large one. From its invention in 1929, it has grown even further as technology gets better. Government bodies as well as individuals are becoming more aware of its uses and importance, how does this device work? We will take on a very short but enlightening journey exploring the world of thermal vision goggles, focusing on its unique qualities, its uses, some excellent product reviews, advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to care for your device. Sit back, enjoy the ride as we begin with the unique qualities of thermal vision goggles.


The very first feature of thermal vision goggles that gives it its special appeal is the high level of precision. These goggles can penetrate through objects, animals, and even humans standing behind trees in a dense forest. Amazing right? Just knowing that nothing is hidden from you when using the device is enough reason to get excited. Human beings and animals generate their own heat and are usually way warmer than their immediate surroundings, so when thermal vision goggles are used, it becomes easier to spot them because of their different heat wave. A thermal vision goggle is so precise that it has the ability to pick out even the tiniest detail in sight.

More so, when thermal vision goggles are used, the colours portrayed by the device vary according to temperature. There is an array of colours used to portray objects based on their level of hotness, hence the lighter the colour the hotter the object. This feature gives the user a clue as to how hot an object is, firemen will find this very helpful in determining the extent of damage to a building or person.

The thermal vision goggle is probably one of the easiest gadgets to use in the world of enhanced vision. The feature of been compact and handy makes the device very accessible to an array to users. It can be hand-held, fits anywhere and doesn’t require a special stand or attachment. The qualities of this device are inexhaustible but the few given goes to show that thermal vision goggle is a vital gadget.


The device under review is crafted for both specialised and individual use, individual use varies according to purpose while the specialised sectors use it according to its usefulness in their industry. So who uses the thermal vision goggle?

  • HUNTERS: Hunters who seek to protect their farms from wild animals always find thermal vision goggles very useful. Most wild animals do get smart by hiding behind trees or beneath crops but because of the heat they emit, the device is able to pick up their presence thus helping the hunter aim directly at his target.
  • HOMES: Wondering where the heat leaks off from in your home? With thermal vision goggles, you can ascertain the spots where heat leaks from in your home or office even in the absence of light. In using thermal vision goggles, the point of leakage is bound to stand out from the remaining part of the house.
  • FIREFIGHTERS: Firefighters probably use thermal goggles more than other specialized sectors. They deal with the component the device works best with: heat. Thermal vision goggles help firefighters see through fire, debris and a haze of smoke. In the eventuality where people pass out in a fire, or where someone is trapped in it, firefighters can identify such persons thus quickening the rescue process. The help this device renders to firefighters isn’t exclusive to just individuals, the sensors in the device can show the degree of burns to objects like cars.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: Law enforcement agents such as police, naval officers, military men and top secret agents just like firefighters also use thermal vision goggles a lot in the course of their work. Due to the peculiar nature of their job, they require gadgets that are sophisticated enough to produce the desired results. Firstly, thermal vision goggles, give agents an edge in identifying individuals or situations that pose a threat to the citizenry. The device is also a top choice for agents involved in search and rescue operations as they can pick out individuals in distress, through the body enhancing feature, they can distinguish the captor from the captured as well.
  • SCRUTINY: Thermal vision goggles add more sophistication to traditional models of surveillance. Where other surveillance cameras stop at upfront analysis, our super heat device sees beyond the object/individual in day and night time. This offers an edge of safety as it becomes easy to spot nefarious activities if any.


When purchasing a thermal vision goggle, one must be very careful. As stated earlier on in this review, the market for thermal vision goggles is quite a large one hence, there is a myriad of products available for one to choose from. We will be reviewing some exceptional products that are proven and tested. You might be wondering where thermal vision goggles are sold: Well, depending on the laws guiding the use of such gadgets in your country, thermal vision goggles like other high tech devices can be found on sites like Amazon, aliexpress etc. You can also find them at high-end tech stores. In some stores you can test the product before making a final purchase to ascertain its authenticity. Let’s review some of these products then shall we?

  • The Leupold LTO-Tracker Viewer: This device is a hunter’s delight, any seasoned hunter will fall in love at first use with this device. With its superior thermal imaging technique, it can search for animals using the heat they emit, its 240 x 204 px display resolution, makes viewing a delight for the hunter. The device holds a 21 degree field view with a thermal detection distance up to 600 yards. This super gadget can be held with one hand while the 6x digital zoom improves the odds of getting the job done. So go get one!
  • ATN ThOR-HD 384X288 Thermal Night Vision Smart HD Rifle Scope: The quality of this device is beyond imagination, it is the ideal vision goggle for a firearm. With durable lifespan, this device was crafted for the outdoors, for military engagements that require the use of firearms. Your quest for an ideal thermal vision goggle ends when you encounter this device.
  • FLIR SYSTEMS SCOUT 3 640 THERMAL IMAGING NV CAMERA: This is one of the most accessible monocular devices that is suitable for survey, management of land, hunting and adventures. The FLIR Systems have a range of Thermal Imaging Monoculars with 30hz processors that display thermal images of heat up to 1,247 yards. This world class product can fit easily in your pocket, it is also weather and impact resistant. Specially manufactured with key features such as buttons that can adjust power and screen brightness, it can be used with only one hand. You are guaranteed an amazing time with this device that serves day and night time purposes.
  • T7 THERMAL IMAGING FLIR BINOCULAR GOGGLE SYSTEM: As the name implies, this device is in the shape of a binocular and can easily be mounted on a firearm or helmet. You can transform your thermal vision goggle into binoculars used to obtain information from a distance, it is easy to use and very affordable for security agencies. This device can accomplish a lot if properly utilized, its tasks include: GPS locator, compass, geolocation, illuminators and remote connectivity. Dual eye thermal on the device aids comfort and the assurance of clearer vision even in the dark.
  • THERMAL IMAGING SIGHT APEX LRF XQ38: With a built-in rangefinder, this device is in a class of its own. The Thermal imaging sight Apex LRF XQ38 has a 1300m range of detection, 2x/3x/4x digital zoom for extra clarity and a one shot zeroing freeze function. Looking forward to purchasing a piece soon? When you purchase, you get a carrying case, dual cable: for video and external power supply, a cleaning cloth, detailed user manual and more importantly a warranty card, you can thank us later.

The products and types of thermal vision goggles available in the market are inexhaustible. The products reviewed above are just a snippet of a range of other fantastic products. However the excellent features outlined above can serve as a benchmark to measure how great a product is at the point of purchase.


One of the major advantages of thermal vision goggle is that it can be used during day and night time unlike night vision goggles (enhanced) that are to be used exclusively at night time. Also, these devices do not require light to function, the limitations of some vision goggles lie in the fact that they require some ray of light to function but with thermal vision goggles, the presence of heat can aid sight. Also, thermal vision goggles, cuts across a lot of areas, it can be used at home, in the office, by the military, hunters etc. it therefore has a wide user-base.

The cons of this device include its inability to spot cold blooded animals when used by hunters. Cold blooded animals such as snakes do not give off any semblance of heat, this shields them from the penetrating gaze of a thermal vision goggle and it can be dangerous for the hunter. Thermal vision goggles can only detect surface temperature that is directly within range, so what happens to temperature beyond the point of concentration? This is a major concern for fire fighters who seek to see beyond the surface of a fire.


Thermal vision goggles are quite pricey, they are specialized gadgets for specific needs and in order for you to get the most out of your device, close attention should be paid to certain details in the maintenance of your device. Do not use tools or sharp objects when cleaning your device, most devices come with a soft cleaning cloth that is suitable for the device, use this cloth when cleaning.

In your quest to remove hard particles that may have gotten stuck to the lens of your device, be careful not to scratch the surface too hard. Special attention should be given to the areas where visuals are derived because if this part of your device gets damaged, it may affect the quality of images you get when in use. A thermal vision goggle shouldn’t be kept just anywhere. Where you store your device plays a huge role in its safety, so keep out of reach of children, do not store in places with extremely high temperature or on a high platform. If your device comes with a carrying case, use it! The carrying cases serve as a protective outer layer for the device.

Make no mistakes about this: what you cannot see can hurt you! What you are oblivious to in your environment can affect your experience there. So why take chances? The thermal vision goggle as a device has been carefully crafted to suit the needs of just about anybody so it is a requisite tool for good living. In the course of this review, we threw more light on the features of thermal vision goggles, its uses, various product reviews to aid purchase, advantages and disadvantages as well as maintenance. So go get a thermal vision goggle after all, sight is life!

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