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Why should I buy a Food Saver?

Buying food savers mean same cogent thing to several people regardless of their status or philosophy, it is a desired device that reduces the cost of preserving food especially as using vacuum food sealers have been proven to significantly increase the shelve live of food materials when compared to the usual methods of storage. Many studies have shown that most food savers can save even the low income households up to 5000 dollars annually once they choose the vacuum sealing of perishables before refrigerating or storage in cabinets or pantries over keeping them in containers. Apart from keeping perishables fresh, these food savers, using their vacuum sealing capabilities or airtight seals that can draw out air and moisture from the package can also keep silverwares, jewelry and even very important documents intact. Their versatility can never be overemphasized particularly as every household has to be very rational with money spent and if a product has a relatively fair financial implication but can serve more than one function, then it stops being a nice to have but a useful item to have around.

Basically, food savers remove air from food items that have already been packaged to ensure that its freshness is retained. Products like the FoodSaver V4865 and FoodSaver 4840 are the reasons why some households can now buy bulk food items from the market without the fear of losing money to spoilage due to inefficient preservation. Buying in bulk logically reduces price hence having an efficient storage system is critical. Other devices with similar efficiency are the VacMaster PRO260 and the Cuisinart VS-100. Importantly, please note that using the food savers doesn’t eliminate the need to refrigerate but helps to protect the stored packages effectively against freezer burns and also dehydration. More so, the removal of air from your food packs reduces the growth of bacteria that might spoil items like meat, vegetables and even liquids. Using food savers reduces the storage space needed for food packs and can be used to combine ready-to-eat food materials. Most of the top food saver products can be used for meat marinating.


Does it really reduce food wastage?

You might be wondering how an average food saver helps in the reduction of food wastage in your home and even though we have touched on it earlier, it’s still OK to dwell on it a bit. Imagine when you want to refrigerate your food but you only have access to a small cubicle in the freezer or altogether you have a small refrigerator and you need to manage space, the vacuum food saver allows for compact food storage and some of them even have top notch capabilities for storage of non-lump food materials such as biscuits. How this works is to have smaller packets as part of a bigger storage packs. You can then use this type if you are one who wants to have small parts of the entire pack to munch or nibble on while hiking.

The average family wastes a lot of food in a lifetime. This is typically because families buy in bulk to save money. However, most of what is purchased is wasted due to it going past a use by date. Vacuum sealers help families avoid this issue and keep perishable foods fresh for longer. But, to do that you have to pick a quality vacuum sealer.

Furthermore, you probably have a family of four, we are guessing you, your husband and probably two daughters, now that’s an ideal setting for an alarming rate of food wastage in a week. Now multiply that by a life time and that’s when the bombshell hits you. Sadly, there is not much you can do about it since to save cost, you must buy in bulk. As great as bulk buying is, it’s downside is that you must eat them all up before they go bad but with a food saver, what might get spoilt in five days might spend as long as four weeks and still be as good as new. You are probably saying “Sold” to food savers now but you are then faced with another important question, which one do I purchase? Hang on a minute, we got your back.

Type of Food Savers

The market is saturated with several food saver products and we believe that a good starting point to understand what to look out for on a general note. Also, there are the commercial and domestic types so for you not to end up buying what isn’t suitable for your need; you’d best follow this review. Since the major reason why you are shopping for a food saver in the first place to ensure the freshness of your items,  you must understand that adopting a counter-top style enables you seal both solid and liquid materials without missing out on any nutritional values that you might gain if you ate it straight away. Constant improvement on these products from different manufacturers have ensured a forceful kind of competition and that has provided you with a battery powered food saver option which is ideal for camping, hiking or even areas with epileptic power supply while the option that runs on electricity is pretty fine for the average household. The more recent products have been optimized to bring same value despite the reasonable decrease in size for portability.

Basically, there are two types of food savers in today’s market and they are the external and chamber vacuum sealers. Despite the fact that they provide the same service, the model differs slightly from each other. The External food saver sucks out air from within the bag alone while the Chamber vacuum sealers pumps out the air not only from the sealing bag but also from the chamber itself. Just like we discussed earlier, the Chamber food saver is very ideal for professional/commercial use because it’s more efficient for sucking out air while for basic household usages, the External food saver is more than capable.

Adjoining Devices

To ensure proper functioning, there is the need to buy some accessories along with the food saver you choose. These adjoining devices are to coordinate with the food sealer to ensure its optimal functionality. They include storage bags which must be suited to function with the particular device you buy. However, if you buy one which isn’t compatible with your device, it will not be able to conform to manufacturer specification and you run the risk for destroying your device. For instance, there are some models that leverage on heat to seal the storage bags which is why the bags you must buy to work with such models must be heat-safe. Other devices include hoses which are ideal for canister sealing and extra storage packs for models with vacuum sealed bags.

Maintenance Culture for your Food saver

Just like every other device, there is a constant need to clean the device so that debris and food particles which might induce rust can be removed. Right of the bat, we suggest warm water and antibacterial soap to ensure that even if there are any bacterial infection seeping into the container over a specific period, they can be utterly destroyed before the next use. To be sure of how best to take care of your device, please refer to your user manual. We would have loved to give more specific guides, but there are some guides that are product specific. That said, for those whose devices have gaskets, a thorough cleanup must be carried out once in three or six months and on an annual basis, they must be replaced. Recall, that we discussed some devices that run on battery, if you acquire any of those, you must check the battery casing to ensure that the battery charge is up to par on a regular basis and when you discover that there is the need for replacement, never spare the cash.

Now that you know the types of food savers and little hints on how to maintain them for long lasting functionality. Time to go window shopping, well, like the average food saver, we have saved you the time you would have used browsing through several e-commerce websites. Read on as we bring you some of the best products in the market. There pros and cons are succinctly discussed to help you make informed decisions. The devices are listed according to our assessment of their functionalities in descending order.

  1. FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System.

Coming in very strong for most households is the FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System. Despite the stiff competition this device trail-blazes the fold and because of its 2-in-1 option which allows for multi-functioning, it is certain to rock your world with its classy design and reputed performance. With the level of research and technology that went into the specifics and structure, it is a real value for your money, more so, it is one of the portable ones we discussed earlier and will fit easily into even the smallest corner of your pantry or the shelve in your kitchen.

Recall, that we advised that considering a counter top vacuum food saver machine is ideal for new users, well, the 4840 2-in-1 is a very good example. Although there are other counter top machines but because this one has a sealing device that can be manually operated gives it an edge. That said, there is also the fully automatic option with a touch indicator technology giving unparalleled ease-of-use to users.

A closer look at the left side of the panel in front shows that there are two buttons, one each for marinating and vacuuming. The features include a manual vacuum device that is retractable. There is a bag cutter which helps users choose and cut the side of bags depending on the quantity of food items to be stored and also a roll storage that is equally embedded for more efficient air tight storage. The strip that is used for the final sealing is as wide as the combination of two average strips which is borne out of the manufacturer’s quest to ensure that the product provides adequate preservation for food materials.

Even with its portability and sleekness, the technology behind the 2-in-1 functionality is what sells the FoodSaver 4840 because with the device you can use the warmth seal capability to stock fish and meat and retain their freshness and nutritional value for long periods. Its ability to suck air out eliminates any bacterial infection during the storage period. For a second function, you can use the same device you store items that are intended for shorter periods which is why it comes with a handheld drip tray that is retractable. So you see, whatever food saving fantasy you have, this machine is up to the task.

Still on the technological advancements of the 4840, it has the capability to detect level of moisture and or dryness of the food material and automatically sets the seal level to what is required. More so, because it can work with different sizes of bags and is easy to handle, sealing containers that would be difficult or out rightly impossible with other devices works fine with this one.

In addition, the seal that is attached to this food saver machine is top-notch and makes your stored packs totally impenetrable. So when next you go to the mall and you see a good deal on meat, do a bulk buy and stockpile using the FoodSaver 4840 then let’s hear your feedback.

As you can see, the ease of use is second to none making it ideal for people without prior experience with food savers. The fact that all its functionalities have full automatic options and can also seal very moist items makes it a choice pick for almost everyone.

Our own thorough assessment of several of the popular products out there, this machine comes out tops. Another thing that blew our minds and we think you’d find it cool too is the clever moist or dry food setting option. Although this machine is automatic, it can be operated manually and can take both an eight or eleven inches bags and also gallon bags, hence protection of your favorite but delicate food materials are assured. It is very portable and easy to handle with its press and hold release buttons. To cap it all up, its hand-free system blows even its closest competitors out of the water.

  1. Food Saver V2244 Vacuum Sealing Coupled with Starter Pack.

While it may not have the technological advancement of the 4840, the Food Saver V2244 is monstrous in its own right. The manufacturers are not trying to compete with the 4840 and even the price difference suggests what they had in mind since the machine goes for just half the price of the 4840. It doesn’t have the 2-in-1 function but what it lacks in performance, it tries to make up for in portability. If you have a small kitchen or you can’t afford a big space for your food saver, then the FoodSaver V2244 is just what you need. Apart from the smaller size, fragile food materials can be efficiently stored courtesy of the embedded CrushFree Instant Seal.

The device is relatively easy to use particularly because it can to a very large extent be operated manually. In our assessment, storing fish doesn’t get better when you are using the V2244 mainly because it is designed to function both as a handheld sealing and also counter top vacuum sealing device. The combination of two manually operated sealing options which are the ordinary seal and Vac/Seal ensures a better user experience. The device however requires certain accessories for better performance and is the reason why an accessory port is embedded in the lower part of the panel upfront.

The technology it runs on is effective enough to guarantee the retention of food taste and flavor because of the seal that the device creates which is air and water proof. Recall that one of the strong points of the 4840 is that stockpiling is possible, well, this one gives you same and even goes an extra mile to store leftover food items from the previous nights for longer periods than you can imagine. If you are the type with a bustling kitchen and constantly have excess food that must be stored, nothing stops you from choosing this product. It’s efficient and also a cheaper option.

There is a removable tray that collects liquids which drips off while the wet food items are been sucked of their moist. The tray is commonly referred to as the drip tray. The removal of air from the storage bag is made possible by using the accessory port and same goes for any other storage type be it a jar or canister. Using the drip tray, this multifunctional accessory port can be used to marinate meat and other food materials without worrying about the liquid seeping into the storage channel.

Also in the V2244, large bags, the size of gallons are adequately catered for and this isn’t just a mean feat because you can hardly find this feature in most of the other products except you include some other devices through the accessory port to boost functionality. If you are the type who isn’t really good with handling devices with very complex functionalities then the V2244 would be a good buy.

In summary, the Foodsaver 4840 is fair but then it gives you a slightly less performance at about half of the price. We think it’s the ideal alternative particularly as it comes with several types of big sizes. Other features that make the V2244 worth your money are its ability to seal off food items within minutes, automatic turn off switch, a significant reduction in freezer burns, a bag cutter, sleek roll storage space and sealing times that can be alternated. Lest we forget, the V2244 is furnished with an override function which is useful for very delicate food materials.

  1. FoodSaver V3240 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

The first two products reviewed are characterized with portability and high efficiency but while the FoodSaver V3240 has a pretty awesome efficiency, it’s a bit bulkier than the previous two. It is however fully automated but lacks the style and finesse of the 4840 in particular. If you are the type that likes to move with the trend then you might want to pass by this one because it looks more like those devices you’d see at granny’s.

However, if you look beyond the “book cover” and concentrate on what is within, then you will understand that what the V3240 lacks in style, it more than makes up for in effective storage. This device guarantees the preservation and retention of freshness and nutritional value of your food items for much longer than the usual methods. At first, you will notice several layered stacks which the device leverages on to suck out dampness and moisture from your stored foods. The efficiency of this sacks are awesome and you will be impressed with the freshness of items that have been stored for over a month tasting like they were purchased very recently. Now, whether you are storing a piece of meat, cheese or even left-overs of pizza from last night, this device works just fine. Other specifics about this wonderful item are the 12 inch bags that are included in the package, removable dip tray, and handbook with pictures which helps new users adapt and comprehend the functions of the machine much more easily. Also included are the removable dip tray, press and hold release and the V3240’s ability to use canisters from other FoodSaver products.

  1. Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer

Another very good food saver in the countertop vacuum category is the Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer. The VS-02 is very ideal when there is the need set up an entire meal well in advance. Also if you must store leftovers or even re-package food items the way they were purchased. The idea is to ensure that food materials that would have been spoilt if left open for long are properly preserved. The Nesco VS-02 is one of the products in the market that is most efficient when it comes to eliminating freezer burns and significant reduction in the rate of food spoilage.

Let’s dwell more on the specifics of the Nesco VS-02. Measuring at 17.5 inches in width,  about 9 inches in depth and 5.5 inches in height, the design is top-notch with an automatic off button, one touch operational functionality and also a current version that is packaged with one roll each of 8.66 inches by 9.8 inches packs, five rolls of 8.6 inches by 11.8 inches bags and the same number of 11.10 inches by 11.8 inches storage pack materials. The manufacturers attached the device with a very efficient piston that powers the vacuum and a switch that controls the seals for cases when you might want to store food materials with a high perishable propensity.

There is a built in platform which bags can be apportioned into different sizes based on requirements. The tool that enables the seal ensures that only required level of vacuum in the sealing chamber is generated at every given time. More so, the sealer is produced with a Teflon coat to improve the heating surface. This technology ensures that the storage pack is effectively sealed. The device has a function that enables users to override the sealer such that even when the vacuuming is ongoing, storage packs can be sealed. The function ensures that delicate food materials are not crushed in the process.

The VS-02 comes in either black or silver colors which gives it a modern day look. With a state-of-the-art technology which is easy to use for even newbies, it gives high powered storage capabilities in a compact size so this one also qualifies if you are conscious of space in your kitchen. The VS-02’s biggest advantage is the pricing and ease of use. It has a single click operational system with a setting that allows dynamism when storing delicate food materials; hence, there is no way your food materials will be crushed in the process. The settings allows for a higher suction capacity for storing very moist food items. Summarily, if you are cost conscious and still want a machine that is basically efficient, this is the way to go. Other features of this device are the sleek automatic off switch, the turn on system activated by just a single click. It is able to significantly save more food items from spoilage and wastage using the roll storage and a component that allows for bag cutting into desired sizes. Other features include a switch that overrides the Programme that runs the the device during the storage of more sensitive food materials. All these functionalities combine to ensure that the device is able to provide a tighter seal to satisfy customer needs for food storage.

  1. The Weston Vacuum Sealer 65-0201 Pro-2300

Next on our list is the Weston Vacuum Sealer 65-0201 Pro-2300. This machine is one of the most efficient in the out-of-the-chamber category currently available in today’s market. Recall that we discussed devices applicable for commercial and domestic usage and we are happy to inform you that this device meets that requirement. Once you acquire the 65-0201 be assured that whatever your needs are, the device has got your back. The sealer that comes with the Weston food saver is structured to use a classic stainless steel combined with a lid coated in charcoal color. With the use of high-grade acrylic, the manufacturers were able to device a way to make the lid very transparent. More so, in our assessment, only few competitions have better storage efficiency for meat than the Weston.

Having said this much, we must also state categorically that this device is far more durable than most of the other products you will find around hence, if proper maintenance is not your forte, you might want to settle for this one. It has a very big size opening that accommodates as large as a 15 inches bag. There is a sealing strip with a very long and wide feature embedded which guarantees maximum security for your food storage. Users even have the opportunity to seal up to two bags concurrently in cases where electric power is in short supply. If you are looking to fully optimize the functionality of the device, you may want to fully utilize the accessory port embedded under the device cover. A good way to use the accessory port is to get a bigger vacuum seal for jars and some very large canisters.

This device just like the V2244 has a drip tray that enhances the vacuum seal. The function of the tray is to collect spillages in the process of storing moist food items. Due to the Teflon material adopted, the heat level required to ensure that the package is efficiently sealed is generated. In fact, it is advisable to purchase an extra Teflon rod as an extra in the event where the first one needs a replacement. The is a light that indicates the stage of the sealing process and since safety is key, the manufacturers of the 65-0201 Pro-2300 included a button that ensures that the panel does not heat up unless the lid is closed. The technology helps to prevent accidental burns while using the device.

  1. Weston Vacuum Sealer 65-0501

This particular device is also a masterpiece from the mind that brought you the 65-0201 Pro-2300. Although both devices are vacuum sealers of the countertop category, the Weston Vacuum Sealer 65-0501 is slightly different from its previous compatriot. It is certified by the ETL regulatory body and its 210 watt motor is just enough to produce about 23 inches of vacuum endearing the 65-0501 to both domestic and professional users. As we have earlier explained, the food savers of the out-of-chamber category are more efficient than the others particularly because the bags used must be lined with embossed materials. Despite being a countertop vacuum sealer, the manufacturers tilted towards this requirement, the 65-0501 is ideal for sealing bags as wide as 11 inches and its classy design of black and stainless steel finishing makes it blend in with any kitchen interior.

As with industry standard, the control panel of this device is fitted with control options for users to choose varying speed for different food choices. For those who marinate more often than seal, this device is very ideal as it has two options to suit your marinating needs. To cope with the stiff competition in today’s market, it also functions automatically and its ease-of-use model is a great selling point.

There are six control buttons fitted to the device, one each for seal, start, on/off, pulse and accessory functions. The opening of the chamber is hinged to ensure that liquids from moist food items don’t find their way into the vacuum compartment. This device is one that we can guarantee to provide adequate protection for not just your food items but other important commodities and documents.

  1. The SousVide Supreme, SVV-00300

This device is another of the countertop category although not from the stable of Weston. The SousVide Supreme SVV-00300 is manufactured to help with any style of storage and even French cooking making it the toast of any user. The ease of use of this device is very encouraging as users need only push a button and then the sealing process begins. Unlike some other products that automatically set the sealing strength, the SV-00300’s sealing setting option can be manually selected depending on the type and dynamics of food that you are storing.

Also included in this device is an efficient device that sucks air out of the bag without crushing or shrinking the food material. The highly reputed Sous Vide cooking is made possible with several operational settings to choose from and the compact design of the device which is about 15 inches long, 4 inches wide and 4.2 inches deep.

The SousVide Supreme, SVV-00300 has a very effective sealing model leveraging on a piston pump that supplies enough sealing and suction to seal and preserve the food materials. Other features of the awesome device are its settings that allow for speed setting and the capability to toggle between settings for wet or dry food. There is also a seal-only function that ensures that only the bag in use is sealed without allowing the passage of air into the package.

  1. The Chamber Vacuum Sealer Minipack MVS 45X

This brand of food saver has the name of the category it belongs to; it is the Chamber vacuum Sealer Minipack MVS 45X. It is designed from the scratch to handle the sealing of food materials both on the industrial and domestic scale. Compared to other manually controlled food savers, the MVS 45X is very easy to operate. It is important to note that for better air suction efficiency the manufacturer specified pump is the Busch KB Oil Rotary Pump.

The design specification for the suction chamber is about 18.50 by 18.00 inches tall while the dome is about 8.75 inches. Other features in this device include but are not limited to sealing and vacuum times that are programmable, an extra vacuum setting, a functionality that trims bags to their customized sizes and some plates with high density to help with the sealing. All control buttons and display are fitted in the front of the machine for easy monitoring. No need to be worried able to durability of the LED monitor since its water resistant. You also have the luxury of using a setting control that allows you customize the functionalities to suit your current needs and a transparent plastic cover which makes cleaning less cumbersome. Seriously though, even without some of the technological advancements of the V2244 or the 4840, this device comes in very strong in our recommendation.

  1. The Waring Vacuum Sealer Pro PVS1000 Pistol

Next on our list is the amiable Waring Vacuum Sealer Pro PVS1000 Pistol. In fact mere seeing it gives the candid impression of its name which is borne out of its pistol shaped design which makes it very easy to handle for new users. For places with epileptic power supply, rest assured that with as little as one full charge, upwards of 25 bags can be sealed.

The PVS1000 Pistol has two storage bag options of 12 one-gallon and 12-one quart bags to choose from. With the bags in the vacuum compartment, users are able to use the boil, microwave and even refrigeration options available in the device. The PVS1000 has very powerful batteries that can supply 120 volts once charged for up to 12 hours.

The LED indicator will alert users when the batteries are fully charged by bringing up a green light and all that is needed is for the operator to place the package in an adequate bag which will then be sealed using a zip tool attached to the accessory port. The Pistol Vac which is attached to the red valve is positioned to allow the vacuum sealer to rest on it while the trigger is activated. Within few moments the sealing process is complete even though the size of the bag plays a huge role in the timing. One key feature that gives this product a competitive advantage is its portability.

  • The Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Sealer FSSMSL0160-000

Lastly, we have the Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Sealer FSSMSL0160-000 which is also in the counter top category but with an automatic twist and touch sensitive operation, its user friendliness is second to none. Just like the PVS1000 pistol it has an indicator light that shows the readiness of the device to seal. It has a drip tray that is detachable and a sealing strip. There is a lower and upper sealing gasket that helps with heat monitoring and a button with which either of the open or cancel option can be selected.

The FSSMSL0160-000 also has the capacity to handle several sizes ranging from the 8 inches, 11 inches, quart size and the gallon sizes of seal bags. It has a drip tray to ensure that liquid don’t drop on the panel during the storage of liquid foods. This functionality is what keeps the panel clean and free from messy clogs.

When compared to most of the devices earlier reviewed, the Seal-a-Meal has fewer features but then its price isn’t in their class either. The aim behind the design is to ensure that you get similar service at almost half the price of most of the leading brands. The sealing is completed once air is completely eliminated from the storage bag.

This food saver can be used to preserve large amounts of perishables for those who do bulk buying from farmers market. The produce can be apportioned and stored into packages for a one-time use. If you are also the hunting or even fishing kind of person, you can ensure the preservation of your fresh produce without risking the loss of their nutritional value and freshness. It prevents freezer burns and the package can be used in a microwave oven.



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