Trail running refers to a distinct sport that involves trail runners running and hiking on mountainous regions. If you haven’t been on a trail race before, then you have missed out on a lot of fun trips that are exciting and test your endurance level. The popularity of trail running grows in leaps and bounds every day as people are becoming more aware of how cool it is to take longer trails through protracted ascents and descents whilst basking in the beauty of wild nature. Often time trail running is classified as a form of cross country or road running event but this isn’t the case, cross country is a sport done over a shorter stretch whilst road running as the name implies is done on roads usually in cities.

What is needed the most to enjoy your trail running experience are your trail running shoes, this paper seeks to highlight the finest trail running shoes you can find. Are you new to the idea of trail running? maybe you haven’t even heard about the term before and you’re wondering what we’re talking about, you might ask yourself ‘do I need a trail running shoe’ ‘why is it so important’ don’t fret because in addition to our analysis on the best trail shoes to pick out, we will be offering the benefits of trail running, a detailed guideline on the major things you should consider before you purchase a pair of trail running shoes, the types available in the market, their exclusive feature and a fresh look at some very great products that promises to make your shopping experience nothing but a breeze.


Don’t be so quick to read up the product review section and hurriedly buy shoes if you do not know what they are meant for or their immense benefits. Trail running like every other aspect of sports has its advantages, these advantages form the basis for which you purchase the necessary requirement. So what are the benefits of trail running?

  • Therapeutic Silence

They say “silence is golden”, in this situation, silence is everything. The peace and quiet one experiences whilst on a trail run is unmatched, this solitude in running helps trail runners achieve maximum results with regards their health. Nature is man’s best medicine and trail running exposes man to the best sides of nature, this awesome benefit of trail running also plays a vital role in enhancing your mood.

  • Strengthens your Muscles

Trail running requires a lot of patience and endurance, unlike other forms of exercise or sport, trail running strengthens your muscles the most. As you take on longer trails in untamed nature, your muscles get built up and this contributes to your overall wellbeing. You can achieve stronger muscles by using only the best trail running shoes, uncomfortable shoes will make your trail running experience an exercise in futility so stick around with us as we give you the best advice on the best shoes to get for strengthened muscles.

  • Helps build Stamina

People often wonder why most East African athletes run for miles without getting tired, they are the undisputed champions when it comes to marathons and this is because they engage in trail running a lot. Trail running helps you build stamina, as you run through tough terrains often, you will observe that you can maintain your speed without running out of breath. This can also be instrumental for you when engaging in other sports as you can have a lot of fun whilst building staying power.

  • Avoidance of Pollution

Most runners often worry about the impact of inhaled toxic materials like carbon monoxide when running on roads in cities where pollutants abound. With trail running, you are exposed to fresh air devoid of such poisonous substances, your running experience will be one filled with the free flow of unadulterated oxygen as you take giant strides in conquering brawny terrains. It also reduces your susceptibility to certain diseases that are caused by pollutants, so trail running offers a myriad of benefits needed to boost your health.

  • Reduced cases of injuries

With trail running, you already have your trail path laid out for you, chances are a lot of other runners have gone through the same path as you so all you have to do is pick up on their trail. As you do this, the chances of sustaining injuries are minimized as most runners sustain injuries when they are unsure of routes to take or encounter tougher terrains filled with sharp objects.

Ready to go trail running now? With knowledge on what trail running is all about and its benefits you should be ready to embark on this awesome experience that will surely make you take a quantum leap on your journey to excellent health. We did mention earlier on that the most important tool you require for this sport is the trail running shoe. This is the premise on which this article is built on, to identify the finest road trail shoes. So why is it so important to get a fantastic pair? Find out below.


Grit, rocks, fallen trees, stones are just some of the unwanted particles you may encounter when trail running, your feet needs protection from all of these. An average trail running shoe is armed with hard parts such as toe bumpers that protect the feet from injuries that may occur when one stumbles, the outsoles also protects the bottom of your feet from piercing objects. A good trail running shoe is a great investment if one desires to run in safety. Trail running in comfort is a wonderful experience! Most trail runners can run for miles without feeling jetlagged because they utilized very comfortable running shoes that guarantee safety and comfort. With protective and comfortable shoes, you can be certain that trail running will be a constant part of your routine. Also, most trail running shoes last longer than regular running shoes because they are built for dense areas. Their durability steams from the fact that they are made with materials that can take on the pressure of longer races. Good trail running shoes offer a unique blend of protection, comfort and durability making them a must-have for everyone. Are you ready to assess our first-rate tail running shoes? They are the very best amongst a number of different products with properties that are second to none.


  • Nike Zoom Elite 9

This trail running shoe is manufactured by one of the best running shoes manufacturers in the world. Nike has a long history of churning out shoes that are ahead of time, crafted to perfection and designed to suit any terrain. The Zoom Elite 9 is from the Nike Zoom Elite series, they are lightweight shoes that cradle the feet in extra layers of cushioning for comfort. The tensile fibre inside the shoe shrinks and bounces back to shape as racing takes place giving the racer a vivacious feel. Its versatility makes it a multi-purpose shoe that is durable as well as comfortable. Nike Zoom Elite 9 shoes come in black, white and stealth colours.

  • New Balance Leadville v3


The key word we deem suitable to describe this power shoe is, Firmness. Conceived on the idea of providing impenetrable running shoes, this product is a breath of fresh air in the market, the New Balance Leadville v3 is modelled for the racer who seeks a very solid shoe for races that stretch for longer miles. You can be a real life superhero running in these shoes with grit-free upper part, well layered outsoles, breathable mesh and wider space within the shoes for runners who have big feet. We give this trail running shoe a pass mark.

  • Altra Olympus 2.0

Give your feet a treat it will always long for with this amazing trail running shoe. Suitable for both roads and mountainous regions, Alta Olympus is an adaptable shoe with Vibram outsoles that give the assurance of effective traction. This product gets better and better with time as most users have given rave reviews about the stability they felt whilst running in them. Make the wise choice today by purchasing a pair for the most exhilarating trail running experience ever.

  • Salomon Speedcross 4

Now who doesn’t love technology? The Salomon Speedcross 4 encompasses the very best of what technology can offer in a trail running shoe. It is water-resistant, very flexible on the feet, with the ability to stay strong in muddy and snowy terrains. With this shoe you do not have to worry about the protection of your toes as its protective outer toe caps gives the assurance of safety when you encounter hurtful objects. If you are a seasoned runner then you will find that this shoe is an added touch of class to your collection, Salomon Speedcross is more than a shoe, it is a feeling.

  • Merrell All Out Peak

You can add a bit of style and fashion to your trail running adventure when you pick out stylish shoes like the Merrell All Out Peak. The mesh of this shoe is classy with high quality synthetic material that allows the free flow of air and flexibility in movement. Due to its layers of cushioning, your feet gets a compulsory massage every time, we know you can’t wait to get running in these shoes. Merrell is a leading name in the production of running shoes, so you can bank on their unrivalled experience that guarantees safety, protection from injuries and comfort whilst running. This running shoe can also be utilized at night because of its outer body reflective features.

  • Inov-8 Talon 200

With superior EVA foam in the midsoles, the comfort of the cushioning in this shoe for the absorption of shock is matchless. Its lightweight, very free on the inside thus allows for free flow of air and stable too. Its flexibility on the inside creates enough room for the feet to stay free aiding its protection from injuries such as blisters and calluses. Suitable for any competition, this trail running shoe comes in a variety of sizes, with neutral arch support and guess what? It is water repellent too! A wonderful trail running experience awaits you with this amazing piece of well-crafted trail running goodness.

  • The North Face Ultra Endurance