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The ever increasing need for speed has made road bikes one of the most sought-after commodities in the world today. Whatever helps man beat time by moving faster and going further than the legs can, automatically gets attention as the demand for it grows higher and higher. This is the case with road bikes, they are bicycles that are designed to travel at faster speed on tarmac or paved road than regular bikes. Road bikes are sometimes referred to as ‘racing bikes’ or ‘speed bicycles’ because of their ability to endure long rides. It is quite hard to get a bike that offers the same quality when it comes to speed, style and efficiency, this is why we will be examining only the best road bikes for your cycling pleasure.

What do you love the most about cycling? Is it the speed at which the bikes go? Or the sleek way the bicycles move? Everything about cycling with road bikes is fun to watch, all because the bikes used are designed to give riders an amazing time. A caveat though, like other items that are of immense benefits to you, uttermost care and attention should be given when picking out a road bike. Some folks wouldn’t know how to distinguish a regular bike from a road bike, nor do they know the specific features of excellence that good road bikes embody, these are important details that shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to have a memorable experience with your road bike. Well don’t fret over all of these peculiar detail, this piece was penned down to serve as a guide on the best road bikes that are currently up for grabs in the market. So you see, there’s nothing to worry about, just don’t stop reading because we are about to throw more light on the several uses of road bikes. Did you think road bikes were manufactured for professional cyclist alone? No they weren’t, enjoy the read below to know more.


A typical Road bike has several uses, although its utilization is based on the purpose for which it was purchased, it can be used for other activities as well. Firstly, a road bike is a very important tool for keeping fit and healthy, because cycling has always been a great way to exercise. With a good road bike, you can be sure that your body will feel so good, you wouldn’t want to stop the ride. Road bikes are also a cheap method of transportation: Why spend money on cabs, buses and train rides when you can take yourself anywhere with a fast bike? As a means of transportation, it is fast, you can navigate your way through traffic easily while staying fit the whole time.

If you aren’t so concerned about keeping fit with your road bike or you have alternative means to exercising then your road bike can be used for recreation and leisure purposes. Nothing beats cycling in the park under warm sunlight surrounded by warmth and laughter. Road bikes can also be used by professional cyclist for intense cycling competitions that require speed. The world’s best athletes use the most effective road bikes that offer dual functions of comfort and speed to win races. Racers often settle for road bikes because of their light weight which is a contributing factor to winning any race. If you ever need to go on tour of historical landmarks, then road bikes can come in handy. They help tourist gain a much better view of tourist sites, cities and places of interest. Road bikes are the new super heroes, they definitely have a place in every sector of life, making it an indispensable tool for better living. What makes road bikes extra special? If we can do all of these amazing things with them, then there are special features to savour.


There are certain key features that cut across all road bikes regardless of product type, these are standard features that are present in both entry level models and professional bikes. While every manufacturer reserves the right to add other parts that may aid comfort and efficiency, the aspects of road bikes to be reviewed below are considered standard and should be found on every bike.

  • WHEELS: The wheels on every road bike is of uttermost importance, great wheels make for a great biking experience. When picking out a road bike, take some time to check out the wheel set if they are factory-made or hand-made wheels. Where do you intend riding your bike? The answer to this question will determine the exact type of wheels that will suit your road bike. If you will be participating in a road racing contest then wheels that come with flat-bladed spokes are an ideal choice. More so, if you require a road bike that can deliver much speed then you should purchase wheels that are lightweight.
  • TYRES: Two things to look out for in the tyres of great road bikes: durability and high performance however, a heavier tyre is great for rainy season but a lighter tyre promises more speed and is easier to ride. This is the part of the bike that is vulnerable to puncture because of its direct exposure to the environment. The tyres are probably the most frequently changed part of road bikes not only because of its exposure to the environment but due to the fact that it takes on the full weight of the biker thus the need for constant change becomes inevitable. Your road bike of choice should have tyres that are not prone to attrition quickly and it should suit your biking environment so as to attain optimal use.
  • PEDALS: Pedals do a lot of work on road bikes, they keep your feet in place as you ride as well as help provide the stability that propels you forward. Thus, picking out an excellent pedal for your road bike is pivotal as often time bikers get injured when the pedals are not in great shape. Clipless pedals are the best pedals to get for road bikes, this type of pedal uses a cleat that can be fastened to your shoe, giving the assurance of safety while you ride. Clipless pedals generate the highest pressure due to its wide platform that aids faster movement of the legs and improves stability. Do not compromise on standard when examining the pedals of a road bike you intend purchasing, if you do, it will definitely affect the quality of the experience you will get with your road bike.
  • HANDLEBARS: Your handlebars are very important! Handlebars come in various shapes and sizes but your major consideration should be purchasing a road bike whose handlebar has the capacity to take on whatever cycling trip you put it through. The most popular and widely accepted handlebar is the drop handlebar with aerodynamic features that offer more comfort with a relaxed riding experience. Drop handlebars are manufactured in an array of shapes and colours. Whilst some are produced in a round shape, others are flat, when you decide to make a purchase, you should test run the handlebars to ascertain the model that suits your riding style.
  • BRAKES: The brake controls the speed of a road bike, it is an integral part of the bike that helps in shifting gears, stops the bike when you want to and the navigation of routes. At the advent of road bikes, the brakes were separated from the bikes main frame, this is not the case in recent times as currently, brakes are now part of the entire framework of the bike. Technology has been of immense benefit to the evolution of brakes on road bikes, electronic brakes are now trendy with buttons that are easily within reach of riders. Road bikes will function at a lesser degree than expected if the brakes are not in great condition.
  • FRAME: What’s the very first thing you notice about a road bike? It’s the frame. This refers to the total make-up of the bike, the way it looks and its structure. You should be concerned about the materials used as well; frame materials for road bikes are usually made up of either alloy, carbon, fibre, steel or titanium. These materials come with its advantages and disadvantages so be careful with the choices you make here. Some metals are more durable than others, some are way more comfortable than others whilst some are vulnerable to seasonal changes and influences from the weather. The easiest way out in making a decision with regards the materials used is to stick to what works best for you, lets share more information on these materials shall we?

Steel is usually the heaviest of the different types, however despite the added weight, it is the strongest of all road bikes and very comfortable too. Unlike steel, bikes made with aluminium are way lighter, but with less comfort. Road bikes framed with aluminium are stiff, professional bikers will find this suitable. Furthermore, titanium is probably the most expensive of all the materials, they are not as common as steel and it takes a whole lot to work with them. Titanium framed bikes are lighter and more flexible. At the point of purchase do make enquiries on which manufacturing product suits your environment, budget and preference.

Other factors to consider include strength, adaptability, fast handling, rigidity of frame and low weight. On low weight, you should ascertain how much your road bike weighs before purchase, you wouldn’t want to ride a bike with excess weight it will slow down the pace of your movement and make for an unpleasant biking experience. Whoops, we have been on such an exciting journey discovering all about the best road bikes for sale. If you have followed closely, you will observe that we haven’t mentioned the categories of bikes yet, this is because knowledge on the features and uses are crucial in understanding the product you intend to purchase. This background information will help you narrow down your choices to only the best amongst so many available option. Hold it one second, before we delve into the different types of road bikes for sale, do examine our best five tips on how to give your road bike the special treat it deserves.


  1. Clean out your bike: This should be a chore you follow through with religiously. Whatever we utilize should be cared for, it isn’t enough to just buy a road bike, be responsible for it by keeping it clean after use. A road bike is one of the easiest things to maintain and in short time too. With a clean towel, lots of water and some soap, you can scrub out grit from every part of your road bike, giving it a brand new look every time you use it.
  2. Use Lubricants: Earlier on we discussed the different types of materials used in designing the frame of road bikes. Most of these materials are made from metal hence the need for lubrication from time to time. Purchase a good lubricant specially made for bikes and use it on the parts with metal focusing on parts like the wheels and pedals. This will prevent the bike from getting rusty.
  3. Pump those tyres: The tyres on a road bike are always on the move, they are usually overworked, exposed to dirt, accidents and punctures. You cannot ride with a bike that has a flat tyre, also a tyre can go flat even when it hasn’t been used. So go get a pumping machine, pump some glorious air into your bike and watch it bounce back to life, ready to conquer!
  4. Fix your brakes: So you already know how crucial your brakes are, special attention should be given to this part of your bike. The brakes loosen up with time, they become slack from frequent use thus your focus should be on tightening the brakes or replacing them if required.
  5. Use your bike: Some people get over the excitement of purchasing a road too quickly. They get it and forget it! Your bike is meant to be used, it was manufactured for that purpose. Not using your bike isn’t a sign of good maintenance culture, an unused bike is as susceptible to wear and tear as an overused bike. When you leave your bike desolate, it can get rusty, the parts can fall off and the aim for which it was purchased will not be achieved. The best advice anyone can offer on how to care for your bike will be to use it.

Now you know what a road bike is used for, its features, care and just about everything you need to know about road bikes. Let’s get to the most significant aspect of this discourse: the best road bikes for sale. We will highlight the most effective bikes in the year 2017 for your purchasing pleasure.


Legor Cicli 650b Steel All-Road Bike:

This is an interesting bike with sophisticated features that are just right for anyone who wants to have a great time riding. The Legor Cicil is crafted on steel frame with trendy wheels suitable for adventurous rides in any weather. Its T47 bottom bracket, routed cables, stiffness of carbon wheels and oversized tube diameters all make this road bike a perfect fit for road and off-road rides. Perfectly manufactured with 650b wheels suitable for gravel makes every ride a comfortable and memorable one. Cicil comes with brake levers, road bar shifters, 28.6 mm seat tube and San Marco saddle. Run along now and get one for yourself.

The Voltinator:


Not all road bikes are specifically meant for roads and tarmacs, some are built for mountainous regions with tough grounds. This bike is for the rider who is adventurous, willing to conquer rough areas, it’s strong, durable and tough with a hint of rugged class. This road bike belongs to the new class of e-bikes that are powered by batteries, in the battery box you will find a 44 volt battery pack that is capable of pushing this monster bike 20 miles per hour. There’s an optional phone charger, a raspberry pie 3 control panel for tech savvy riders, as well as a rear-hub electric motor. Take your adventures a step further with this awesome road bike, its simply phenomenal.

BMC Roadmachine 03 105

Where are bikers who always aim to have a little extra fun with their rides? The BMC Roadmachine 03 105 is just what you need. Crafted with the best of aluminium, this road bike has a Shimqno 105 drivetrain with wide-range gearing and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. You can dive into all terrains with its tire clearance as this road bike can officially take up to 32mm tires, encompassing mounts for fenders, a rare rack and flat-mount disc calipers. Without a doubt, this unique road bike is one of a kind.

Trek Slique S 6 Women’s Road Bike

Now here’s a road made especially for women bikers, it is known for its absolutely brilliant performance with easy to use features. Trek has an enduring policy of excellence with regards bikes for women, they have created several road bikes with peak performance for long distance rides. The Trek Slique S 6 is a power bike that fulfils the quest for ease and pleasure by bikers who do not compromise on standard. The size of the frame is fashioned to suit the height of every individual, this bike offers the dual function of stiffness for stability and comfort for a much more enjoyable doesn’t get better than this, women can enjoy biking with this road bike that was manufactured on the bedrock of technology.

Felt ZW3 Disc

This is another awesome bike for women that is cut out for any weather, Felt manufactured this bike out of the need to put out a product that will suit the needs of women bikers out there. They modelled this road bike after the men’s version with few alterations like a reduction in size and an infusion of feminine colours that make the bike as attractive as the woman biker. The frames of this road bike stands out, they are lighter with lesser stiffness than the bikes for men. Offered in a variety of sizes, ZW3 comes in 43, 45, 47 and 50cm with Shimano Ultegra 11-speed mechanical drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. Made for the comfort of women, the Felt ZW3, is in a class of its own.

Scott Addict

The Scott Addict road bike is the best of both worlds kind of bike. Whilst adding a lot of value to the bikers’ driving experience, it also offers more options for bikers that are torn between getting a bike for long distance rides or short weekend rides. Here’s the good news, the Scott Addict road bike is suitable for both enduring and street races. Its steering is compactly tight keeping it firm for longer rides whilst giving a sturdy feel for short rides. It is one of the most durable bikes out there, 2017 should be all about comfort for you so stay addicted to Scott Addict.

Look 765 Disc

Bursting unto the scene in five different sizes and three colours, the Look 765 Disc road bike is built for endurance. The very first disc-brake equipped road bike from the company, this bike has a much more relaxed feel to it with an amazing carbon-fibre composite frame. You are bound to fall in love with the added layer of flax linen embedded in the fork and chain stays which damps vibrations for a much more comfortable ride. Be blown away by its pressFit 30 bottom bracket shell with compatible electronic and mechanical shifts. This road bike is available for riders with a quest for extra comfort and versatility.

You don’t have to break a sweat sourcing out the best road bikes for sale, we have provided a very robust analysis on everything about road bikes from its uses, features, care and in depth reviews of the best road bikes you can purchase this year. Whatever you want to use your road bike for, be rest assured that you can make the most out of it if you follow through with this guide. Go biking, the roads await!



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