Have you ever thought about the connection between heat and sight? Can the presence of heat enhance vision? Think no further, this article is all about the amazing goggle that utilizes heat in projecting great visuals: It is the Thermal Vision Goggle. Thermal vision goggle is a type of night vision goggle with sensors that are capable of detecting heat and radiation, the amount of radiation detected increases with the temperature. Due to its unique ability at using heat for directions, thermal vision goggles do not require light to view an object so even in darkness, the presence of heat makes vision possible.

The market place for night vision goggles is quite a large one. From its invention in 1929, it has grown even further as technology gets better. Government bodies as well as individuals are becoming more aware of its uses and importance, how does this device work? We will take on a very short but enlightening journey exploring the world of thermal vision goggles, focusing on its unique qualities, its uses, some excellent product reviews, advantages and disadvantages, as well as how to care for your device. Sit back, enjoy the ride as we begin with the unique qualities of thermal vision goggles.


The very first feature of thermal vision goggles that gives it its special appeal is the high level of precision. These goggles can penetrate through objects, animals, and even humans standing behind trees in a dense forest. Amazing right? Just knowing that nothing is hidden from you when using the device is enough reason to get excited. Human beings and animals generate their own heat and are usually way warmer than their immediate surroundings, so when thermal vision goggles are used, it becomes easier to spot them because of their different heat wave. A thermal vision goggle is so precise that it has the ability to pick out even the tiniest detail in sight.

More so, when thermal vision goggles are used, the colours portrayed by the device vary according to temperature. There is an array of colours used to portray objects based on their level of hotness, hence the lighter the colour the hotter the object. This feature gives the user a clue as to how hot an object is, firemen will find this very helpful in determining the extent of damage to a building or person.

The thermal vision goggle is probably one of the easiest gadgets to use in the world of enhanced vision. The feature of been compact and handy makes the device very accessible to an array to users. It can be hand-held, fits anywhere and doesn’t require a special stand or attachment. The qualities of this device are inexhaustible but the few given goes to show that thermal vision goggle is a vital gadget.


The device under review is crafted for both specialised and individual use, individual use varies according to purpose while the specialised sectors use it according to its usefulness in their industry. So who uses the thermal vision goggle?

  • HUNTERS: Hunters who seek to protect their farms from wild animals always find thermal vision goggles very useful. Most wild animals do get smart by hiding behind trees or beneath crops but because of the heat they emit, the device is able to pick up their presence thus helping the hunter aim directly at his target.
  • HOMES: Wondering where the heat leaks off from in your home? With thermal vision goggles, you can ascertain the spots where heat leaks from in your home or office even in the absence of light. In using thermal vision goggles, the point of leakage is bound to stand out from the remaining part of the house.
  • FIREFIGHTERS: Firefighters probably use thermal goggles more than other specialized sectors. They deal with the component the device works best with: heat. Thermal vision goggles help firefighters see through fire, debris and a haze of smoke. In the eventuality where people pass out in a fire, or where someone is trapped in it, firefighters can identify such persons thus quickening the rescue process. The help this device renders to firefighters isn’t exclusive to just individuals, the sensors in the device can show the degree of burns to objects like cars.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: Law enforcement agents such as police, naval officers, military men and top secret agents just like firefighters also use thermal vision goggles a lot in the course of their work. Due to the peculiar nature of their job, they require gadgets that are sophisticated enough to produce the desired results. Firstly, thermal vision goggles, give agents an edge in identifying individuals or situations that pose a threat to the citizenry. The device is also a top choice for agents involved in search and rescue operations as they can pick out individuals in distress, through the body enhancing feature, they can distinguish the captor from the captured as well.
  • SCRUTINY: Thermal vision goggles add more sophistication to traditional models of surveillance. Where other surveillance cameras stop at upfront analysis, our super heat device sees beyond the object/individual in day and night time. This offers an edge of safety as it becomes easy to spot nefarious activities if any.


When purchasing a thermal vision goggle, one must be very careful. As stated earlier on in this review, the market for thermal vision goggles is quite a large one hence, there is a myriad of products available for one to choose from. We will be reviewing some exceptional products that are proven and tested. You might be wondering where thermal vision goggles are sold: Well, depending on the laws guiding the use of such gadgets in your country, thermal vision goggles like other high tech devices can be found on sites like Amazon, aliexpress etc. You can also find them at high-end tech stores. In some stores you can test the product before making a final purchase to ascertain its authenticity. Let’s review some of these products then shall we?

  • The Leupold LTO-Tracker Viewer: This device is a hunter’s delight, any seasoned hunter will fall in love at first use with this device. With its superior thermal imaging technique, it can search for animals using the heat they emit, its 240 x 204 px display resolution, makes viewing a delight for the hunter. The device holds a 21 degree field view with a thermal detection distance up to 600 yards. This super gadget can be held with one hand while the 6x digital zoom improves the odds of getting the job done. So go get one!
  • ATN ThOR-HD 384X288 Thermal Night Vision Smart HD Rifle Scope: The quality of this device is beyond imagination, it is the ideal vision goggle for a firearm. With durable lifespan, this device was crafted for the outdoors, for military engagements that require the use of firearms. Your quest for an ideal thermal vision goggle ends when you encounter this device.
  • FLIR SYSTEMS SCOUT 3 640 THERMAL IMAGING NV CAMERA: This is one of the most accessible monocular devices that is suitable for survey, management of land, hunting and adventures. The FLIR Systems have a range of Thermal Imaging Monoculars with 30hz processors that display thermal images of heat up to 1,247 yards. This world class product can fit easily in your pocket, it is also weather and impact resistant. Specially manufactured with key features such as buttons that can adjust power and screen brightness, it can be used with only one hand. You are guaranteed an amazing time with this device that serves day and night time purposes.
  • T7 THERMAL IMAGING FLIR BINOCULAR GOGGLE SYSTEM: As the name implies, this device is in the shape of a binocular and can easily be mounted on a firearm or helmet. You can transform your thermal vision goggle into binoculars used to obtain information from a distance, it is easy to use and very affordable for security agencies. This device can accomplish a lot if properly utilized, its tasks include: GPS locator, compass, geolocation, illuminators and remote connectivity. Dual eye thermal on the device aids comfort and the assurance of clearer vision even in the dark.
  • THERMAL IMAGING SIGHT APEX LRF XQ38: With a built-in rangefinder, this device is in a class of its own. The Thermal imaging sight Apex LRF XQ38 has a 1300m range of detection, 2x/3x/4x digital zoom for extra clarity and a one shot zeroing freeze function. Looking forward to purchasing a piece soon? When you purchase, you get a carrying case, dual cable: for video and external power supply, a cleaning cloth, detailed user manual and more importantly a warranty card, you can thank us later.

The products and types of thermal vision goggles available in the market are inexhaustible. The products reviewed above are just a snippet of a range of other fantastic products. However the excellent features outlined above can serve as a benchmark to measure how great a product is at the point of purchase.


One of the major advantages of thermal vision goggle is that it can be used during day and night time unlike night vision goggles (enhanced) that are to be used exclusively at night time. Also, these devices do not require light to function, the limitations of some vision goggles lie in the fact that they require some ray of light to function but with thermal vision goggles, the presence of heat can aid sight. Also, thermal vision goggles, cuts across a lot of areas, it can be used at home, in the office, by the military, hunters etc. it therefore has a wide user-base.

The cons of this device include its inability to spot cold blooded animals when used by hunters. Cold blooded animals such as snakes do not give off any semblance of heat, this shields them from the penetrating gaze of a thermal vision goggle and it can be dangerous for the hunter. Thermal vision goggles can only detect surface temperature that is directly within range, so what happens to temperature beyond the point of concentration? This is a major concern for fire fighters who seek to see beyond the surface of a fire.


Thermal vision goggles are quite pricey, they are specialized gadgets for specific needs and in order for you to get the most out of your device, close attention should be paid to certain details in the maintenance of your device. Do not use tools or sharp objects when cleaning your device, most devices come with a soft cleaning cloth that is suitable for the device, use this cloth when cleaning.

In your quest to remove hard particles that may have gotten stuck to the lens of your device, be careful not to scratch the surface too hard. Special attention should be given to the areas where visuals are derived because if this part of your device gets damaged, it may affect the quality of images you get when in use. A thermal vision goggle shouldn’t be kept just anywhere. Where you store your device plays a huge role in its safety, so keep out of reach of children, do not store in places with extremely high temperature or on a high platform. If your device comes with a carrying case, use it! The carrying cases serve as a protective outer layer for the device.

Make no mistakes about this: what you cannot see can hurt you! What you are oblivious to in your environment can affect your experience there. So why take chances? The thermal vision goggle as a device has been carefully crafted to suit the needs of just about anybody so it is a requisite tool for good living. In the course of this review, we threw more light on the features of thermal vision goggles, its uses, various product reviews to aid purchase, advantages and disadvantages as well as maintenance. So go get a thermal vision goggle after all, sight is life!

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Off-road biking has made very significant progress since the expedition of the buffalo soldiers from Missoula, Montana to Yellowstone in August 1896. The adventure sports of mountain biking has evolved since 1990 and through the first decade of the 21st century, from a minor activity into a mainstream sport. The manufacturing of mountain bikes are no longer restricted to custom made versions but are now manufactured in their numbers to meet the demands of enthusiasts of the sport who seek the thrills of mountain biking. These bikes are specially designed to be durable in order for them to withstand the steeps and ridges of dangerous terrains. Unlike regular bikes, the mountain bike is built with large, knobby tires, heavy duty wheels that are typically more durable, more powerful braking systems, lower gear ratios which are needed for steep grades with poor traction as well as a more robust suspension on the frame and fork.

Before a rider decides on which mountain bike to purchase, he/she must be familiar with the design and the features of the bike as well as take into consideration the level of his/her ability and skills. This will prevent such buyers from choosing a bike that requires skills which they currently do not possess. This precaution will also ensure that an extremely skilled biker does not choose a bike that is far below his skills as this could create a dangerous outcome of injury or even fatality. Also while the decision of a mountain bike is to be made, the terrain in which the biker wishes to use the bike should be considered. The bike which would pose no problems going through flat and pedal-able trail would be highly inadequate when used on a gnarly terrain and steep descents. The riding style of the mountain biker should also be put into cognizance. A biker who prefers to defy gravity would be getting a poor deal if he got a bike whose wheels were made to be continuously connected to the ground.

The reason why mountain bikes are manufactured with such extra features of durability and performance is based on the fact that they are usually ridden on non-conventional terrains which are in most cases dangerous. These bikes, as implied by the name, are ridden on and are more suitable for mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads, single tracks as well as other environment which are unpaved. These terrains mostly include rocks, loose sand, roots washouts, ruts, loose gravel and steep inclines and declines. With the features of the mountain bikes, they are able to handle the obstruction posed by these kinds of terrain. Many riders have learnt to be self-reliant enough to manage situations that could occur while they are biking in an isolated environment all alone. For instance, they always move with their very own first aid kit so they can administer first aid treatments on their injuries. Also, most riders have learnt to repair their bikes in case of slight damages or flat tires. This prevents them from being stranded thereby steering clear of avoidable threats on their lives while in the wild.

Suspension on the mountain bike is basically the system, or in some cases, systems used to suspend the rider or the bike in order to protect them from the roughness of the terrain. Based on suspension configuration, mountain bikes are divided into four categories. The first is “rigid”. In this case, the bike does not possess either rear or front suspension. The “hard tail” on the other hand is equipped with a front suspension only and a rigid frame. The “soft tail”, just like the “rigid”, possesses neither front nor rear suspension. It however, has a built-in flexibility in the frame and sometimes in the front fork which enables it to absorb the effect of small bumps. The “dual or full-suspension”, as the name implies, is usually fitted with both rear and front suspensions. The suspension system of the mountain bike not only provides comfort to the rider but also provides improved traction as well as safety by helping to keep one or both wheels of the bike on the ground.

As earlier implied, in the process of choosing a mountain bike, the rider should consider the terrain in which the bike is to be used. There are different kinds of mountain bikes categorized by the terrain in which they are to be used. Mountain bikes have evolved continuously up until the present time which has brought about the following types of bike generations.

The Cross Country (XC)

This generation of mountain bikes is used to ride point-to-point which include riding and descending, on varying terrain. This type of bike, among the mountain bike family, has the most in common with the road bikes. The cross country bike is lightweight, making it perfect for endurance climbing. It is also perfect for riders who seek excellent pedal performance and speed. Even though this is an off-road bike, it does not possess the durability required in a bike to be used in steep and downhill terrain. The cross country bikes have evolved to being made with aluminum frames that are lightweight and 65 to 110mm short travel suspension forks. Dual suspension designs have also grown to be more popular among racers and manufacturing a dual suspension design which weigh less than 10kg has become possible as a result of the use of advanced carbon fiber composites. The wheel size of this bike has evolved from 26″ to 29″, also known as 29ers. The tires of the XC bike are known for their reduced weight (which enhances climbing), efficiency and fast rolling resistance but not for traction control and durability. The riders of this bike have emphasized that it is manufactured for uphill use and flat riding for approximately 80% and 20% for downhill use.

The trail bike is what comes to the minds of most people when mountain biking is mentioned. The bikes have evolved to become not only great climbers but also capable decenters. They are an upgrade of the Cross Country bikes. They are built to be more durable so as to handle rougher terrain than that handled by the Cross Country bike. Their slacker head angles of 69–68° make provision for better stability for the task of descending. There is a balance between durability, traction and rolling efficiency in the tires of the trail bike unlike those of the XC bikes. Their wheels come in all the available sizes, from the 26″, 27.5″ to the 29″. They usually have about 120-140mm of suspension travel, weighing 11-15 kilos. Examples of this type of mountain bike are the Giant Trance, the Trek Fuel EX Series, the Specialized Stump jumper FSR, Polygon Colossus T series among others. Designed for approximately 60-70% uphill and 30-40% of downhill riding, a trail bike is an improvement of the Cross Country bike if the rider is much more interested in durability rather than speed.

Enduro /All Mountain (AM)

This bike can be referred to as the big, strong and heavy cousin of the trail bike. It is suitable for uphill and downhill racing in technical terrain while also making provision for some time in the air. The gap between the Cross Country and the free ride bike is bridged by the All- Mountain bike for they weigh between 13 to 16 kilograms (29 to 35lbs). Majority of the trail AM bikes are fitted with the medium 27.5″ wheels but also come in all the available sizes like the 26″, 27.5″ and 29″. Suspension of the AM bike ranges from 5.5″/ 140mm to 6.7″/ 170mm of travel while the build is less than 30lbs. The configuration of the All- Mountain bike is more suited for descending than climbing as the head angles ranging from 65°- 67o will require more skills while climbing up steep trails. The tires have aggressive knobs for cornering and traction. The separation of the Enduro from All-Mountain bike in recent times has led to the Enduro laying more emphasis on descent as a result of the increased preference on timed downhill runs in Enduro racing unlike in the more typical All-Mountain biking.

Downhill Bikes

As the name implies, are mostly designed for steep terrain, big drops, descents, speed and jumps. These bikes are simply not designed to climb. The biker has to seek some other means of going up the trail rather than cycling. The biker would have to carry the bike uphill rather than riding it. Its inability to climb is as a result of it high gear ratio, soft suspension and aggressive geometry. The carbon fiber which is used in the manufacturing of the Cross Country frame is also used for the downhill bike as this bike has to be both durable and lightweight for the purpose of speed and safety while racing. Typically, the weight of a downhill bike remains below 40lbs (18kg) as a result of the advancement made in frame and component designs in recent years. This makes the weight of the downhill bike similar to that of the Trail and All-Mountain bikes even in that of the budget model. Downhill bikes have recently started making the switch from the 27.5″ wheel size to the 29″ wheel size. The frames are big and strong and fitted with 6.7″/ 170mm- 10″/250mm of suspension travel in the rear and 7″/180mm- 8″/200mm in the front with dual-crown forks resembling those one might see on a motorcycle. The tires of the downhill bike are fitted for the purpose of traction as well as durability. They possess double-thick casings and full spiked tread patterns that enhance traction and can shake off slashes from sharp rocks.

Similar to the downhill bike is the Free Ride (FR) mountain bike. This bike is also less concerned with reduction on weight but is more concerned about sturdiness. It is designed for trails with adequate air time including jumps and drops as well as for general riding trails or stunts that require more skills and aggressive techniques. As a result of these, they are sturdily built and are adequately suspended. They are also heavy and designed to handle the impact of crashes and landings. In order to make this possible, manufacturers do not make use of carbon fibers for frames but make use of aluminum. Even though the Free Ride mountain bike becomes heavier, it also means that the material used in making it will likely be able to withstand heavy use. The suspension system of the of the Free Ride bike is top-notch and typically has at least 7 inches (180mm) of travel. However, like the downhill bike, it is difficult to maneuver the Free Ride bike while making a climb uphill. However, some Free Ride bikes can be ridden uphill more easily than in the case of the downhill bike. As expected, the Free Ride bike is heavy, with its average weight ranging from 14- 20 kilos (31 to 44lbs).

Dirt Jumping Bike

Dirt Jumping, Urban and Street mountain bikes are either designed with front suspension of 3 to 4.5 inches (76 to 144mm), or “rigid”, that is, without suspension, with frames that are durable and have low bottom brackets as well as short chain stays which make them easy to maneuver. The dirt bike is mostly suited for stunts and tricks and for these purposes, is equipped with low seat posts and handle bars that are oversized. Because the rider will need to spin the handlebars multiple of times, an extended rear brake cable is fitted at the back with usually no front brake so as not to get the brake cables tangled.

The slope style (SS) bikes have the properties of both the Free Ride and Dirt Jump bikes. This bike has the same geometry as the Dirt Jump bike. It is however, equipped with suspension travel in both the front and rear of approximately 4″ (100mm). Designed for extremely large jumps and high speeds, which biker are faced with in competitions, this bike is mostly used by professional slope style riders. They are built to be durable enough to handle the high speed and harsh impacts that are associated with their use. The durability and the sophistication of this bike makes it more versatile than the Dirt Jump bike and as a result of this, it is also used for light downhill or trail riding.

The trial bike is made solely for the purpose of bicycle trials. Because this is a bike made for trials only, the modern ones are mostly made without saddles since they are usually not needed during trial races. The 26″wheeled trial bike is known as the “stock” while the 20″ wheeled trial bike is known as the “mod”. Trial bikes are usually not equipped with suspensions. During competitions, the rules state that stock trial bikes should possess multiple gears while the mod trial bike can be used without gear. In order to ensure easy maneuvering of the bike, they are made to be extremely more lightweight than the others. They weigh 7 to 11kilos (15 to 24lbs)

Single Speed Bikes

The Single-Speed (SS) mountain bikes are usually void of suspensions and are described as being fully rigid. They also have steel frames. This bike has one set gear ratio and the chosen gear ratio is based on the kind of terrain where the bike is to be ridden, the fitness and skill of he rider as well as the size of the bike. It depends also on the size of the bike because a 29″ wheeled bike requires a different gearing from a 26″ wheeled bike.

Mountain Cross

The Mountain Cross, also known as the “Four Cross” (4X) is usually categorized under the Dirt Jump or Slope style design. The major advancement being that the Four Cross makes use of derailleur instead of single speed setup. Since this is a bike meant for racing downhill while also maintaining the purpose of increased stability while on speed, the 4X makes use of slightly slacker head angles than the typical Dirty Jump bikes. This bike is specifically used by four bikers raving downhill on a prepared BMX style track. However, since the UCI removed this sport from the world cup due to the effects of erosion caused by the prepared tracks, it has become less popular. These bikes are either equipped with full suspension with 3 to 4 inches of travel or hard tail and they also typically possess strong frames.

Northsore Bikes

Northshore bikes are similar to both the downhill bike and the free ride bike. They have the same geometry as the Free ride while their component makeup is similar to that of the downhill bike. The North shore bike is designed to foster easy maneuverability as their trails include high speed descents, complex bridges and large drops. For this purpose, it is equipped with as much suspension as the Free Ride and the downhill. It is however, more lightweight with a very flexible frame to aid maneuverability.

Cannondale Bad Habit

The Cannondale Bad Habit with plus-size tires are the hottest trend in mountain bikes presently. The tires are usually between 2.7 and 3 inches wide. It is a full suspension bike with a 120mm of travel front and rear. The wheels are of a measurement of 27.5 inches. The plus size wheels provide adequate traction for both climbing and descending, taking the sting out of technical trails. The frame is made with carbon and with a 60 degree head tube angle. Due to the plus size tires of this bike, it can easily get a spot on the list of best new mountain bikes of 2016.

If you are after a bike that guarantees swoopy maneuverability through steep, twisty and technical trails then the Liv Lust Advanced 1 is what you are looking for. Just like bikes with bulky frames, the Liv Lust Advanced 1 features a carbon frame, for ultra-lightweight, and aluminum rear triangle. The suspension of the is dual with a 100mm of rear- wheel travel and a 120mm Rockshox SID RL fork up front. It is equipped with 27.5 inch wheels. This bike is perfect for a XC-style racing on the weekends. Due to its lightweight and efficient suspension, the Liv Lust Advanced 1 climbs well enough. Out of the several products trending in the market at the moment, we have taken the time to test and review a few mountain bikes thereby narrowing down the selection process based on the considerations made above.

Pivot Mach 429 Trail ($2,499) Good

Unlike most 29″wheeled bikes, equipped with full-suspension which ends up making them big and cumbersome, the Pivot Mach 429 Trail is different. It is a versatile bike which exploits the benefit of having a 29 inch wheel size. After the test of the Pivot Mach 429 Trail, the buyer is sure to notice the amount of attention that has gone into its development. The suspension is based on the Dave Weagle’s DW link design and like every other bike with similar structure, the suspension feels extremely crisp and efficient and with little unwanted movement. It has a 116mm of travel handling which is not only useful at absorbing bumps but also effective at pedaling. The Pivot Mach 429 Trail provides an impressive ride that makes it a bike for every situation.

Image result for pivot mach 429 trail mountain bicycle

Pivot Mach 429 Trail

Yeti SB5c BETI ($6,899)

The Yeti SB5c BETI, though a 5-inch trail bike, possesses the speed of a lightning-fast Cross Country bike. It has a lightweight carbon frame and high end parts, weighing about 25 pounds. The lightness of the bike however prevents it from being sure-footed on descents. The wheels are 27.5 inches and the 66.8 degree head tube angle is effective for both climbing up and steep descending. The Yeti SB5c BET has five inches of rear wheel suspension with a slack angle and a 140mm fork. The Yeti SB5c trail bike which won our Editor’s Choice award possesses the same geometry and unique switch infinity suspension design as the Yeti SB5c BET. This bike is more suited for smaller bikers. It has a handle bar that is narrow as well as a women’s saddle and lighter wheels.

Image result for Yeti SB5c BETI

Yeti SB5c BETI

Ibis Ripley 29 LS ($2899) Excellent

This bike was released in 2016 as an upgrade of the previous Ripley which won a Bicycling Editor’s choice award. As expected, the upgrade made it even better. The “LS” in “Ripley LS” stands for Long and Slack. The head tube is core slackened to 67.5 degrees. The seat angle is steepened and the seat mast dropped by 1/2. This is especially good news for those with short legs; it also accommodates more dropped posts. The frame of the Ripley 29 LS is made from carbon fiber Monocoque construction not only for the swing arm but also for the main triangle. This new model is also equipped with better tire clearance, nifty chain slap protectors, a threaded BB and a boost 148 option. In all, the Ripley 29 LS rates higher than the 2015 version.

Image result for Ibis Ripley 29 LS

Ibis Ripley 29 LS

Spot Rollik 557 ($5,199.99)

The Spot Rollik is a new model by Spot which has a nice outward look with a 140mm frame made with carbon. This bike possesses a Dave Weagle DW-Link suspension system. Though this is the same system used by Turner, Pivot and Ibis, the difference with the spot’s is that instead of the ball-bearing and axle used by the others, the spot’s makes use of a composite leaf spring. According to spot, the general suspension performance is improved by this design, needing less maintenance as well as being stiffer and lighter.

Image result for Spot Rollik

Spot Rollik

Marin Attack Trail 9 ($6,599) Good

This bike is equipped with a dual suspension system with a wheel travel of 150mm of rear and 160mm up front. The front triangle is made with carbon. The features of this Marin’s new model are the Enduro-Y parts, like a wide bar, short stem SRAM x01 1×11 drive train and KS LEV dropper seat post. It possesses wheels of 27.5 inches. The 66.5 degree head angle provides descending confidence while also climbing well with great dignity.


Marin Attack Trail 9

GT Verb Export ($3,249)

The GT Verb Export is a full suspension bike with a 120mm travel and 27.5 inches of wheels. The rear suspension has a simplified of riff and GT’s independent drive train system. It has a Shimano 2×10 drive train and hydraulic disc brakes, Maxxis tires, WTB tubeless-ready rims as well as Rockshox fork with front and rear lockout. The GT verb is standard when it comes to performance while also remaining affordable, putting the action in your hands and turning the mountain into your playground.

Image result for GT Verb Expert

GT Verb Export

Jamis Defcon 2 ($3,799) Our Pick

The Jamis Defcon 2 weighs about 29.5lbs and has the same frame as well as the exact same wheel set of the Defcon 1. Although lower cost and lower weight do not normally stand side by side, The Defcon 2 provides an exception to this norm. This bike provides a suspension that consists of a Rock Shox Pike RC 27.5 inches 160mm fork in front and a Rock Shox Monarch plus RC3 Debon Air Shock in the back. Perfect for trail riding and Enduro racing, the Defcon 2 has a 66.5 degree head-tube angle and short 17.1 Chainstay. If you are looking to save some cash and weight without bringing down your standard on component spec, then the Defcon 2 is what you are looking for.

Image result for Jamis Defcon 2

Jamis Defcon

Juliana Furtado Premiero ($5,999)

The latest Juliana Furtado of 2016 is an upgrade from the 2015 model. The new model embodies some new features which makes it even better than the previous model. Aside from its fiercer attitude and exquisite spearmint paint job, the bike’s suspension system has 130mm of travel. It possesses a head angle that is one degree slacker, a rear end that is shorter, a top tube that is longer and a handle bar that is aggressively wide by 760mm. This version of Furtado is capable of going up steep, high speed and rocky terrain while remaining fast enough to cover a reasonable distance within a short period of time.

Image result for Juliana Furtado

Juliana Furtado Primeiro

Rocky Mountain Blizzard-50 ($2,559)

With a suspension-optimized design, the Rocky Mountain Blizzard-50 is a fat bike which leans toward the Cross Country or even the train category. As is the feature of fat bikes, the Blizzard can hold its own against slippery or slower technical sections of trail. The aluminum frame has a 100mm BB and 197mm rear-axle spacing and these provide clearance for the 4.7 inch tires. For the purpose of moving through mud, rocks and snow, the Rocky Mountain Blizzard-50 is equipped with a 120mm Rock Shox Bluto Fork. This bike also provides a frame bag by adding mounts to the main triangle. This makes it possible for the biker to enjoy overnight adventures. If you are looking for a bike that is capable of withstanding the adverse condition of winter and can also handle the extra burden of an off-trail explorer in the summer, the Rocky Mountain Blizzard-50 should be on your list.

Image result for Rocky Mountain Blizzard-50

Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Alchemy Arktos ($3,750)

This product has a unique suspension system known as the dual-link sine suspension which was designed by Dave Earle. It possesses a six-inch-travel. With a sleek plastic look provided by its internal cable routing, this bike has an extremely exquisite-looking frame. It has a 66.5 degree head angle, a 17.2 inch Chainstay and a bottom bracket that is 13.6 inch high. Its manufacturers provide the bikes in twelve varieties of color choices and also an option for custom paint.

Image result for Alchemy Arktos

Alchemy Arktos

Felt Decree 3 ($4,999) Good

The Felt Decree 3 is a trail bike which was made to attract attention with the combination of two fluorescent colors; red and yellow. This bike is light and agile with a wheel size of 27.5. The suspension design used is called the Felt Active Stay Technology, F.A.S.T. It has a modified single-pivot system which relies on flexing carbon seat-stays instead of a pivot. Because the F.A.S.T suspension system was originally designed for the Cross Country bike, it makes it possible for easy climbs even with an open shock. It climbs well also due to the efficiency of it rear end and the reasonable 66.5 degree head angle while its front wheel remains steady. The frame is 140mm. If you are looking for a lively trail bike which can handle most terrain and can pedal harder than the Felt Decree 3 should be on your list for consideration.

Image result for Felt Decree 3

Felt Decree 3

Turner RFX ($2,995)

Turner sticks to its external cable routing in making the Turner RFX. However, the use of Turner’s zip-tie free aluminum housing clips which makes for tidy routing was utilized. The second carbon model produced by the company, the RFX is equipped with two aluminum likes which mate the carbon front and rear ends to provide the bike’s 160mm of DW-link travel that is carefully tuned. Even though it was made for going downhill at an incredible speed, the pedaling works well without the racers need to flip on the Rock Shox Monarch plus’ pedaling platform. The frame’s weight, as claimed, is 6.5 pounds and it has a 49/62mm tapered head tube and head set cups which allow the rider to adjust the head angle by 1.5 degrees making 65 degrees its slackest setting. If you are a rider looking for an efficient ride from the bottom of the climb to the top, then the Turner RFX should make your list.

Image result for Turner RFX

Turner RFX

Rhyme FSR Comp 6 Fattie ($5,100)

For a rider looking for an opportunity to take her trail riding to the next level, the Rhyme FSR Comp 6 Fattie is the needed bike. This can be attained without making a deep hole in your pocket. Made by specialized, the FSR get more travel time for its frame, beefed up triangle for stiffness, rear end shortened for easy maneuverability and suspension system improved for efficient climbing. The women’s specialized bike released in April 2016, has parts that are suited for women like its myth saddle. It has a wheel size of 27.5 inches and a suspension travel of 150mm. It proved, on a test ride in New Zealand, to be capable of descents as well as whippy and extreme fun. Rather than the typical 2.1 to 2.4 inches tires, this bike uses the 3 inches tire which enables it to run on lower pressure. It provides the means of riding up steep trail rather than hiking up.

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Rhyme FSR Comp 6 Fattie

“Specialized” terms it a “revolution” in trail bike making. The S-Works Stump Jumper FSR 6 Fattie, is arguably the best trail bike a rider could buy. On a test ride, the big and grippy tires were able to crunch through rocks that ordinarily would not have been that easy to pass through. It has excellent tire clearance, lightweight but burly carbon Royal Traverse SL wheels. The SWAT design of the bike makes provision for a down-tube hatch behind the bottle cage where a spare tube, tools and other necessities are stored. It also climbs well uphill.

Viral Skeptic ($4,995) Very Good

This bike is in a class of its own. It has a titanium hard tail frame which gives the feel of being stuffed with Tempurpedic foam. It is capable of being fitted with multiple wheel sizes. The small frame is capable of taking 26-plus or 27.5 plus while the other frame sizes can take 27.5 or 29 inches tires. These tires can cut through rough shag carpet. One of the most fascinating qualities of the bike is its pinion gear box. This German made 12 speed system is located at the middle of the frame and has a 600 percent gear range. The extra weight added by the pinion and tires was not outrageous during the test ride, though it is quite heavy and weighs more than 30 pounds. The bike does not require much maintenance. If you are after a bike that enhances traction and flotation provided by plus-sized tires, then the Viral Skeptic is what you are looking for.

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Viral Skeptic

Devinci Troy Carbo RR ($6,599)

The Devinci Troy Carbon RR is equipped with a 150mm travel of suspension. The 67 degree head angle requires the participation of the rider and does exactly as the rider wants. During the test ride, the head angle never felt like it was fighting the rider. The components of this bike include the 150mm Rock Shox pike RCT3, the SRAM X01 Crank and Avid Elixir 9 brakes. Even with all these components, the Troy is reasonably lightweight and makes possible the climbing and descent of hills. Because the stand over height is low, it is most suitable for women and short bikers who are looking for ride to play rough with.

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Devinci Troy Carbo RR

The Cannondale Jekyll Carbon ($6,500)

Cannondale Jekyll Carbon was designed to perform like two different machines by equipping it with two faced capability. This is done through the kind of suspension system used. In the front, the bike is equipped with a unique lefty Supermax fork and in the back, there is a Dyad damper. These two features collaborate to transform it from and efficient and responsive peddler to an extremely fast machine. It also possesses slack head angles, 27.5 inch wheels, wide range 1× drive train, a dropper post, low bottom bracket, a short stem and wide bars planted on a cockpit that is spacious, all of which are features of a modern mountain bike.

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Cannondale Jekyll Carbon


It is evident that there are varieties of mountain bikes to choose from. The biker has to decide which one matches his personality, skills, environment and style. This is not an easy choice to make but hopefully the above list can be of help in relieving you of some of the stress involved in buying a modern mountain bike.

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Simplicity doesn’t get old. It is the major feature of durable and comfortable items that can stand the test of it. This is applicable to single speed mountain bikes, they are the simplest and most user friendly bikes you will ever encounter. Individuals purchase this type of bikes for different reason: for fun, health benefits, adventure, mountain races etc. with a single gear ratio compartment, it is extremely light and stripped off excess equipment such as derailleur heavy gears, hub gearing and other components found in regular bikes. Lots of people purchase this bike due to its easy to use gear ratio function that allows mountain climbers navigate through tough terrains at very high speed.

There is an influx of single speed mountain bikes in the market currently, this can be attributed to the fact that there is an increase in the demand for such bikes because it is cheap, durable and very accessible. This article serves as a guide in helping you choose a single speed mountain bike that can satisfy all of your riding needs and more. Although it is tagged ‘mountain bike’, it isn’t solely meant for mountain climbing as this bike is so versatile, you will be amazed at the different activities it can be used for. So where can you find such bikes? How do you identify the best? What features do you look out for? What are the leading products out there? How can you optimize its uses? This and more will be treated in this article. Let us begin with the leading products in the market.


Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Urban Commuter Bike

Designed in six colours (Matte Black, Sky Blue, White & Black, Graphite & Orange, Sage Green and Sangria) we present to you the leader of the excellent pack of single speed mountain bikes. The Harper bike allows you be the captain of your ride with an amazing freewheel feature that enables you enjoy a fixed or single-speed ride. Available in an array of sizes ranging from 49cm (s) to 61cm (xl) this mega bike is suitable for anyone regardless of weight, height or size. You will fall in love with its simplicity, as this bike is lightweight with very few parts that keep you stable on the go. The manufacturers installed a one of a kind flip-flop hub with single-speed sides that enables you ride the bike on plain roads. Equipped with two brakes, you can be sure of having rides that are fun as well safe, the Harper bike sits at the very peak on the list of top-notch single speed bikes you can rely on.

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

Take charge of your race with this 700c x 28c wheel bike that offers the best kind of biking experience you will ever get. Vilano Edge is a fast bike made with strong steel, 45mm anodized wheels and effective front and back brakes that guarantees safety even in high speed. Its chain rings can be changed at any time, pedals are flat enough to offer stability when you’re not riding your bike and the alloy rims absorbs any kind of tension that forms around the wheels. With this bike, you have an array of riding options: you can ride on a cog or switch to single gear speed with its 16T freewheel and 16T flip flop hub feature. You cannot get it wrong with this peculiar bike that gives you the feeling of freedom as you ride through mountainous terrains in absolute safety, fun and comfort.

GTM 26” Speed folding Mountain Bike


Now this is a bike that is in a class of its own. The GTM speed folding mountain bike, is a trendsetter in the innovative space of mountain bikes. Trying to take on higher grounds and can’t seem to move you bike upwards? Don’t fret, take a smart leap and get this bike as, its folding features make it easy to use. It is light weight, made with Steel Mountain frames that portray strength, durability and comfort, this bike can take on different terrains. The GTM Speed Folding Bike comes with steel riser handlebars, well-crafted pedals, saddles and seat you can adjust to suit your height. You can purchase this wonder bike in Gloss, black and blue colours.

Nashbar Single-Speed 29er Mountain Bike

The increase in demand for single speed bike rises everyday with bikes such as the Nashbar Mountain bike. Put all of your worries with handling so many parts of a bike aside and bask in the fun that comes with riding a simple yet sophisticated piece of equipment such as this one. You can ascertain the strength of this bike through its 6061 aluminium frame that gives it an unmatched elegant look, its Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes give it the ability to stop abruptly without causing accidents. Check out its 680mm aluminium bar tailored to suit the comfort of any rider, this bike is already assembled for you, you do not have to go through the rigorous process of assembling parts and trying to figure out what fits where, you really get a great deal with this one.

Copenhagen Single Speed Fixie Bike

You definitely cannot let go of this bike once you set your gaze on it. Bring all of your riding fantasies to life with this unique gadget that is available in various sizes of 52cm, 56cm and 60cm, are you a lover of colours? Then you will enjoy this beautiful piece as its wheels and frames come in different colours cool right? The Copenhagen fixie bike is as strong as the mountains you want to conquer, with 700cc x 28 firm wheels that ensure speed and stability. What’s not to love about a bike that is specially made for any rider? You can get this beauty as a gift for a loved one and receive great reviews as it is made for both the bold and subtle rider.

2017 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If you seek a powerful, fast and reliable bike tailored to perfection by excellent manufacturers, then you need to purchase the 2017 Gravity FSX full suspension mountain bike. It is a 24 speed dual suspension bike with effective front and rear discs brakes that are positioned for a blend of safety and comfort. Gain unimaginable fun as you utilize its Shimano Shifters all encased in long lasting aluminium frames. This classy, light weight bike is available in different colours such as gray, white and yellow so do pick out any that suits your peculiar taste, regardless of the colour you decide on, you are guaranteed the same level of quality promised with every ride.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars

We present a bike you will enjoy riding in any weather, the Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear bike makes you want to ride on and never stop. It is a rare blend of sophistication and simplicity layered with only the finest features and components. Enjoy a ride in this beautiful bike with firm Kenda Kwest tires, sturdy frames enmeshed in bright colours, light weight and water bottle mount for a much more enjoyable ride. Critical Cycle gives the rider very suitable bike pedals that boosts your riding experience. A rider on this bike will stand out in the midst of other riders even from a distance because of its attractive look in colours that are made for both men and women.

The Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

The Takara brand is known for excellence delivery, its single speed bike is modelled after its culture of churning out exclusive and elegant products made to perfection. Takara Kabuto single speed bike features a 32 hole alloy wheel that keeps the rider firm whilst riding through tough terrains. Take this Kabuto bike for a fun spin with its beautiful steel frame, front and rear pull brakes for safety as well as a flip flop hub that enables the rider switch easily between fixed gear and standard free wheel. Are you getting excited already? This bike is so versatile, it can take on both long and short distance rides, don’t worry about durability, Takara has manufactured an excellent product that can stand the test of riding time. Takara presents a bike in shades of beautiful colours with tough steel frames that can take you through a world of adventurous fun.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Allow your bike take the lead with this wonder on wheels, let its classic feel set you apart from others as you bask in the durable frame crafted from high quality steel. The single speed fixie bike puts the power in your hands as you are free to choose its riding mode from its flip flop feature that allows for freewheel or fixed riding. There is an abundance of unique features with the different parts of this bike, from its firm handlebars, to water bottle mounts, built to last saddles, you cannot get it wrong with this bike. With lifetime warranty on frames from the manufacturers, one year warranty on components and very strong wheels, the durability of this bike cannot be called into question.

Sole Bicycles Fixed Gear and Single Speed, Urban Road Bike with Flip Flop Hub

This bike is a worthy purchase, you will have reflective moments about how great this product is as you undertake convivial rides on adventurous paths. Cruise through hills, pavements and rocky grounds as you utilize its efficient single-speed mode. It is an upscale, affordable and fast bike with great features that will keep you on the go. This bike is made for riders of all shapes, as their focus on excellent delivery extends to the production of bikes that suit all shapes and sizes, you just might be in luck and find your perfect fit and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the luxury feel this bike gives. Other key features include: Flip/flop functions, steel frame, and an assurance of durability. Where are the lovers of colourful bikes? This one is definitely meant for you, it comes in 9 exotic colours, what more do you need in a single speed bike? Oh, we got an answer, absolutely nothing!

Ancheer Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Urban Fixie Bike

Standard handlebars are a must for every single speed bike, the Ancheer Single Speed Bike comes with very good handlebars that aid navigation, you can choose from a variety of colours with excellent lightweight designs. From Flip Flop hub feature, back brakes and a 26 inch wheel diameter, you cannot go wrong with this single speed bike. You know you are compatible with a bike when you experience comfort at every ride, don’t just own a piece a bike, own an investment that guarantees safety, fun and pleasure. This and more is what you will experience with the Ancheer Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Urban Fixie Bike.

What a ride we’ve been on, the search for only the best single speed mountain bikes has led to the unveiling of our top bikes that are not just excellent in looks but effective on the road. So why single speed bikes? Why does it hold so much appeal? Why is it so important? Stay with us as we analyse the advantages of single speed mountain bikes.


A closer look at our product review above gives you a glimpse into just how light a single speed bike is. This is the most enthralling feature of this type of bike, unlike other bikes it is easy to navigate through any area and this can be attributed to the fact that single speed mountain bikes do not consist of heavy weight components such as shifters, cables, chain rings etc. they are simple bikes that can fit in anywhere and with any rider.


Single speed mountain bikes keeps you moving regardless of the climate. Due to its light weight nature, it is able to navigate through very tough weather and move through. This is very important as most riders do not ride in certain climates because they fear getting stuck. With single speed mountain bikes, stuck as a word doesn’t exist, you simply ride your way through any area and in any weather too. So bring on winter, summer, autumn single speed bike has got you covered.


There is beauty in simplicity, single speed mountain bikes are made up of one chain ring, the chain, a crank and a cog. The simplicity in its design just makes riders fall in love with it, as this also makes it the easiest bike to maintain. Stripped off other heavy parts such as derailleurs, single speed mountain bike becomes a biker’s favourite.


With its light weight, lesser parts, and simple outlook the single-speed mountain bike is easy to maintain. Pump your tires, clean out the wheels, take care of frames and handlebars and you are done with maintenance. This easy maintenance routine is an attractive feature for riders who do not want to experience the rigours of maintaining a bike with so many parts.


All bikes are not meant to be used for mountain rides, some just don’t have the ability to handle terrains that are tough. If you use a bike made for city roads alone for mountain rides, you might affect the longevity of the bike, make it vulnerable to constant repairs and this will affect its output. Single speed mountain bikes are made for the mountains, they can also be utilized for other rides so hold on to your bike as it brings your riding imaginations to life.


With single speed mountain bikes, you enjoy a blend of comfort and stability as you ride in speed. Under the sun or in the rain, this bike has the capacity to keep you satisfied through your rides as its lightweight feature makes it a delight on any terrain.

Single speed mountain bike is the future of riding, its simplistic nature has created a need for less complex bikes that suits a variety of rides. So your single speed bike is an investment worth maintaining, you can go shopping for these amazing products, purchase them and not utilize them to their full potential because of poor maintenance culture. You wouldn’t want to buy a bike that cannot withstand the pressures of tough rides now would you? So how best can single speed bikes be maintained?


We have already established the fact that single speed bikes are the easiest bikes to maintain. Their simplistic nature and light weight is a major reason for easy maintenance unlike fully geared bikes. We will provide a more hands-on guide to cleaning your bike with focus on the few parts it has. Let us begin with the wonder wheels that set us in motion shall we?

Wheels in Motion

The wheels of your single speed bike are as important as the frames of the bike. Some riders focus on the frames alone, leaving out other parts, this shouldn’t be the case because every part matters. Grab a clean rag, some water and great cleaning product as you wash off grit from your wheels. As you clean out, also check the brakes, spokes and rims, use the cleaning product to wipe off every trace of debris, you can separate the wheels from the tyre if you wish to carry out a more thorough cleaning exercise.

Brake Pads

The brakes of your single speed bike will function less if you do not do a routine check on them. So as often as you can, after cleaning your wheels, disengage your brake pads as well to expose whatever debris is hidden there. Using hot water, scrubbing brush and a clean rag gently wipe off grit that may have clogged the brakes, leave them to dry out then carefully replace them.

Tyre Relief

This is the most vulnerable part of your single speed bike. They do most of the work, take on the weight of the rider and tackle sharp objects in tough terrains. Tyres can deflate at any time so constant care is mandatory if you want to enjoy your biking experience. Get a good pump, preferably one with pressure gauge to ascertain the exact pressure limit as recommended by the manufacturer. For more speed, faster rides and firm tyres, give your tyre some much needed relief with a high maintenance culture.

Fit Frames

This is the part loved by a lot of bikers, everyone wants a beautiful looking frame with sleek looks and clear colours. However, some bikers do not know how best to maintain the frames of their bike and this leads to more long term problems. Simply use a wet rag with very small amount of washing gel to wipe off dust from frames. Please check out the cleaning product before use as some products contain harmful substances that can affect the frame negatively. Get some lubricants for the pedals, hubs, cassette and head sets. Your bike should look clean and ready to take on rides so do put in as much effort as you can in achieving a fit frame.

Single Speed Bikes win all the time. Simplicity has become the new cool in a world where people seek faster means to attain pleasurable rides. You don’t need a bike with lots of gears to enjoy your mountain rides, you only require the best single speed bike with lots of class, comfort and stability. This article is based on three focal points: The leading single speed bike out there in the market, the advantages of owning a set and how to maintain your bike. We put this vital piece together for you so you can stroll into any retail point and purchase the most priceless, simple, light weight, comfortable and classy single speed mountain bike ever!









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The ever increasing need for speed has made road bikes one of the most sought-after commodities in the world today. Whatever helps man beat time by moving faster and going further than the legs can, automatically gets attention as the demand for it grows higher and higher. This is the case with road bikes, they are bicycles that are designed to travel at faster speed on tarmac or paved road than regular bikes. Road bikes are sometimes referred to as ‘racing bikes’ or ‘speed bicycles’ because of their ability to endure long rides. It is quite hard to get a bike that offers the same quality when it comes to speed, style and efficiency, this is why we will be examining only the best road bikes for your cycling pleasure.

What do you love the most about cycling? Is it the speed at which the bikes go? Or the sleek way the bicycles move? Everything about cycling with road bikes is fun to watch, all because the bikes used are designed to give riders an amazing time. A caveat though, like other items that are of immense benefits to you, uttermost care and attention should be given when picking out a road bike. Some folks wouldn’t know how to distinguish a regular bike from a road bike, nor do they know the specific features of excellence that good road bikes embody, these are important details that shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to have a memorable experience with your road bike. Well don’t fret over all of these peculiar detail, this piece was penned down to serve as a guide on the best road bikes that are currently up for grabs in the market. So you see, there’s nothing to worry about, just don’t stop reading because we are about to throw more light on the several uses of road bikes. Did you think road bikes were manufactured for professional cyclist alone? No they weren’t, enjoy the read below to know more.


A typical Road bike has several uses, although its utilization is based on the purpose for which it was purchased, it can be used for other activities as well. Firstly, a road bike is a very important tool for keeping fit and healthy, because cycling has always been a great way to exercise. With a good road bike, you can be sure that your body will feel so good, you wouldn’t want to stop the ride. Road bikes are also a cheap method of transportation: Why spend money on cabs, buses and train rides when you can take yourself anywhere with a fast bike? As a means of transportation, it is fast, you can navigate your way through traffic easily while staying fit the whole time.

If you aren’t so concerned about keeping fit with your road bike or you have alternative means to exercising then your road bike can be used for recreation and leisure purposes. Nothing beats cycling in the park under warm sunlight surrounded by warmth and laughter. Road bikes can also be used by professional cyclist for intense cycling competitions that require speed. The world’s best athletes use the most effective road bikes that offer dual functions of comfort and speed to win races. Racers often settle for road bikes because of their light weight which is a contributing factor to winning any race. If you ever need to go on tour of historical landmarks, then road bikes can come in handy. They help tourist gain a much better view of tourist sites, cities and places of interest. Road bikes are the new super heroes, they definitely have a place in every sector of life, making it an indispensable tool for better living. What makes road bikes extra special? If we can do all of these amazing things with them, then there are special features to savour.


There are certain key features that cut across all road bikes regardless of product type, these are standard features that are present in both entry level models and professional bikes. While every manufacturer reserves the right to add other parts that may aid comfort and efficiency, the aspects of road bikes to be reviewed below are considered standard and should be found on every bike.

  • WHEELS: The wheels on every road bike is of uttermost importance, great wheels make for a great biking experience. When picking out a road bike, take some time to check out the wheel set if they are factory-made or hand-made wheels. Where do you intend riding your bike? The answer to this question will determine the exact type of wheels that will suit your road bike. If you will be participating in a road racing contest then wheels that come with flat-bladed spokes are an ideal choice. More so, if you require a road bike that can deliver much speed then you should purchase wheels that are lightweight.
  • TYRES: Two things to look out for in the tyres of great road bikes: durability and high performance however, a heavier tyre is great for rainy season but a lighter tyre promises more speed and is easier to ride. This is the part of the bike that is vulnerable to puncture because of its direct exposure to the environment. The tyres are probably the most frequently changed part of road bikes not only because of its exposure to the environment but due to the fact that it takes on the full weight of the biker thus the need for constant change becomes inevitable. Your road bike of choice should have tyres that are not prone to attrition quickly and it should suit your biking environment so as to attain optimal use.
  • PEDALS: Pedals do a lot of work on road bikes, they keep your feet in place as you ride as well as help provide the stability that propels you forward. Thus, picking out an excellent pedal for your road bike is pivotal as often time bikers get injured when the pedals are not in great shape. Clipless pedals are the best pedals to get for road bikes, this type of pedal uses a cleat that can be fastened to your shoe, giving the assurance of safety while you ride. Clipless pedals generate the highest pressure due to its wide platform that aids faster movement of the legs and improves stability. Do not compromise on standard when examining the pedals of a road bike you intend purchasing, if you do, it will definitely affect the quality of the experience you will get with your road bike.
  • HANDLEBARS: Your handlebars are very important! Handlebars come in various shapes and sizes but your major consideration should be purchasing a road bike whose handlebar has the capacity to take on whatever cycling trip you put it through. The most popular and widely accepted handlebar is the drop handlebar with aerodynamic features that offer more comfort with a relaxed riding experience. Drop handlebars are manufactured in an array of shapes and colours. Whilst some are produced in a round shape, others are flat, when you decide to make a purchase, you should test run the handlebars to ascertain the model that suits your riding style.
  • BRAKES: The brake controls the speed of a road bike, it is an integral part of the bike that helps in shifting gears, stops the bike when you want to and the navigation of routes. At the advent of road bikes, the brakes were separated from the bikes main frame, this is not the case in recent times as currently, brakes are now part of the entire framework of the bike. Technology has been of immense benefit to the evolution of brakes on road bikes, electronic brakes are now trendy with buttons that are easily within reach of riders. Road bikes will function at a lesser degree than expected if the brakes are not in great condition.
  • FRAME: What’s the very first thing you notice about a road bike? It’s the frame. This refers to the total make-up of the bike, the way it looks and its structure. You should be concerned about the materials used as well; frame materials for road bikes are usually made up of either alloy, carbon, fibre, steel or titanium. These materials come with its advantages and disadvantages so be careful with the choices you make here. Some metals are more durable than others, some are way more comfortable than others whilst some are vulnerable to seasonal changes and influences from the weather. The easiest way out in making a decision with regards the materials used is to stick to what works best for you, lets share more information on these materials shall we?

Steel is usually the heaviest of the different types, however despite the added weight, it is the strongest of all road bikes and very comfortable too. Unlike steel, bikes made with aluminium are way lighter, but with less comfort. Road bikes framed with aluminium are stiff, professional bikers will find this suitable. Furthermore, titanium is probably the most expensive of all the materials, they are not as common as steel and it takes a whole lot to work with them. Titanium framed bikes are lighter and more flexible. At the point of purchase do make enquiries on which manufacturing product suits your environment, budget and preference.

Other factors to consider include strength, adaptability, fast handling, rigidity of frame and low weight. On low weight, you should ascertain how much your road bike weighs before purchase, you wouldn’t want to ride a bike with excess weight it will slow down the pace of your movement and make for an unpleasant biking experience. Whoops, we have been on such an exciting journey discovering all about the best road bikes for sale. If you have followed closely, you will observe that we haven’t mentioned the categories of bikes yet, this is because knowledge on the features and uses are crucial in understanding the product you intend to purchase. This background information will help you narrow down your choices to only the best amongst so many available option. Hold it one second, before we delve into the different types of road bikes for sale, do examine our best five tips on how to give your road bike the special treat it deserves.


  1. Clean out your bike: This should be a chore you follow through with religiously. Whatever we utilize should be cared for, it isn’t enough to just buy a road bike, be responsible for it by keeping it clean after use. A road bike is one of the easiest things to maintain and in short time too. With a clean towel, lots of water and some soap, you can scrub out grit from every part of your road bike, giving it a brand new look every time you use it.
  2. Use Lubricants: Earlier on we discussed the different types of materials used in designing the frame of road bikes. Most of these materials are made from metal hence the need for lubrication from time to time. Purchase a good lubricant specially made for bikes and use it on the parts with metal focusing on parts like the wheels and pedals. This will prevent the bike from getting rusty.
  3. Pump those tyres: The tyres on a road bike are always on the move, they are usually overworked, exposed to dirt, accidents and punctures. You cannot ride with a bike that has a flat tyre, also a tyre can go flat even when it hasn’t been used. So go get a pumping machine, pump some glorious air into your bike and watch it bounce back to life, ready to conquer!
  4. Fix your brakes: So you already know how crucial your brakes are, special attention should be given to this part of your bike. The brakes loosen up with time, they become slack from frequent use thus your focus should be on tightening the brakes or replacing them if required.
  5. Use your bike: Some people get over the excitement of purchasing a road too quickly. They get it and forget it! Your bike is meant to be used, it was manufactured for that purpose. Not using your bike isn’t a sign of good maintenance culture, an unused bike is as susceptible to wear and tear as an overused bike. When you leave your bike desolate, it can get rusty, the parts can fall off and the aim for which it was purchased will not be achieved. The best advice anyone can offer on how to care for your bike will be to use it.

Now you know what a road bike is used for, its features, care and just about everything you need to know about road bikes. Let’s get to the most significant aspect of this discourse: the best road bikes for sale. We will highlight the most effective bikes in the year 2017 for your purchasing pleasure.


Legor Cicli 650b Steel All-Road Bike:

This is an interesting bike with sophisticated features that are just right for anyone who wants to have a great time riding. The Legor Cicil is crafted on steel frame with trendy wheels suitable for adventurous rides in any weather. Its T47 bottom bracket, routed cables, stiffness of carbon wheels and oversized tube diameters all make this road bike a perfect fit for road and off-road rides. Perfectly manufactured with 650b wheels suitable for gravel makes every ride a comfortable and memorable one. Cicil comes with brake levers, road bar shifters, 28.6 mm seat tube and San Marco saddle. Run along now and get one for yourself.

The Voltinator:


Not all road bikes are specifically meant for roads and tarmacs, some are built for mountainous regions with tough grounds. This bike is for the rider who is adventurous, willing to conquer rough areas, it’s strong, durable and tough with a hint of rugged class. This road bike belongs to the new class of e-bikes that are powered by batteries, in the battery box you will find a 44 volt battery pack that is capable of pushing this monster bike 20 miles per hour. There’s an optional phone charger, a raspberry pie 3 control panel for tech savvy riders, as well as a rear-hub electric motor. Take your adventures a step further with this awesome road bike, its simply phenomenal.

BMC Roadmachine 03 105

Where are bikers who always aim to have a little extra fun with their rides? The BMC Roadmachine 03 105 is just what you need. Crafted with the best of aluminium, this road bike has a Shimqno 105 drivetrain with wide-range gearing and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. You can dive into all terrains with its tire clearance as this road bike can officially take up to 32mm tires, encompassing mounts for fenders, a rare rack and flat-mount disc calipers. Without a doubt, this unique road bike is one of a kind.

Trek Slique S 6 Women’s Road Bike

Now here’s a road made especially for women bikers, it is known for its absolutely brilliant performance with easy to use features. Trek has an enduring policy of excellence with regards bikes for women, they have created several road bikes with peak performance for long distance rides. The Trek Slique S 6 is a power bike that fulfils the quest for ease and pleasure by bikers who do not compromise on standard. The size of the frame is fashioned to suit the height of every individual, this bike offers the dual function of stiffness for stability and comfort for a much more enjoyable ride.it doesn’t get better than this, women can enjoy biking with this road bike that was manufactured on the bedrock of technology.

Felt ZW3 Disc

This is another awesome bike for women that is cut out for any weather, Felt manufactured this bike out of the need to put out a product that will suit the needs of women bikers out there. They modelled this road bike after the men’s version with few alterations like a reduction in size and an infusion of feminine colours that make the bike as attractive as the woman biker. The frames of this road bike stands out, they are lighter with lesser stiffness than the bikes for men. Offered in a variety of sizes, ZW3 comes in 43, 45, 47 and 50cm with Shimano Ultegra 11-speed mechanical drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes. Made for the comfort of women, the Felt ZW3, is in a class of its own.

Scott Addict

The Scott Addict road bike is the best of both worlds kind of bike. Whilst adding a lot of value to the bikers’ driving experience, it also offers more options for bikers that are torn between getting a bike for long distance rides or short weekend rides. Here’s the good news, the Scott Addict road bike is suitable for both enduring and street races. Its steering is compactly tight keeping it firm for longer rides whilst giving a sturdy feel for short rides. It is one of the most durable bikes out there, 2017 should be all about comfort for you so stay addicted to Scott Addict.

Look 765 Disc

Bursting unto the scene in five different sizes and three colours, the Look 765 Disc road bike is built for endurance. The very first disc-brake equipped road bike from the company, this bike has a much more relaxed feel to it with an amazing carbon-fibre composite frame. You are bound to fall in love with the added layer of flax linen embedded in the fork and chain stays which damps vibrations for a much more comfortable ride. Be blown away by its pressFit 30 bottom bracket shell with compatible electronic and mechanical shifts. This road bike is available for riders with a quest for extra comfort and versatility.

You don’t have to break a sweat sourcing out the best road bikes for sale, we have provided a very robust analysis on everything about road bikes from its uses, features, care and in depth reviews of the best road bikes you can purchase this year. Whatever you want to use your road bike for, be rest assured that you can make the most out of it if you follow through with this guide. Go biking, the roads await!



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The importance of healthy living cannot be overemphasised in a world where lots of people are exposed to life threatening diseases and illnesses that arise from maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercise plays a very pivotal role in helping individuals achieve their health goals, it is a physical activity intended to improve strength, health and fitness, helps you lose weight and lowers the risk of some diseases. Exercise as an activity isn’t done in isolation, it requires some basic tools and equipment to aid the process, one of such tools is: Walking Shoes.

Walking is the simplest form of exercise, it makes workout fun and anyone can indulge in it. Some people do not engage in exercises because they feel the process is too rigorous thus it becomes an excuse to avoid registering with a gym or fitness houses. Walking goes beyond moving from point A to B, it involves movement of the entire body frame, from your limbs, to your legs, your hips, foot, even your arms, it is thus safe to say that with this form of exercise, one is sure to enjoy a robust workout experience. A farmer cannot achieve good yields or harvest without his farm tools, same goes for exercise, a fitness addict must be properly equipped with necessary and comfortable tools that will guarantee the actualization of his health goals. This discourse considers how to identify, purchase and utilize the most comfortable walking shoes aimed at bringing out the very best of your ‘walkout’ experience.

World over, women are taking the message of healthy living very serious with emphasis on good dieting, workout plans and increasing awareness on the need to stay healthy even after childbirth. This forms the basis for the rise in the purchase of workout gears that include walking shoes. In this analysis, our focus will be on the most comfortable walking shoes in the market for women. Our emphasis on the word ‘comfort’ steams from the fact that exercise should be done from a position of comfort! Most women often overlook the importance of comfortable walking shoes, but this shouldn’t be the case as comfort plays a vital role in determining the results of your exercise. This and more will be thoroughly discussed as we highlight the importance of good walking shoes, key features of comfortable walking shoes to look out for, excellent products that can stand the test of time as well as how best to use your shoes. Getting excited already? Let’s begin.


When purchasing walking shoes, before any other thing, comfort should come first. Do not be swayed by the popularity of a product, its brand name or the number of buyers. These are not factors that determine comfort, we will be discussing the features of comfortable walking shoes later on, do look out for that. So why is it very important to purchase comfortable walking shoes?

  • THE AVOIDANCE OF INJURIES: Walking as a form of exercise should be taken seriously. It should be brisk, fast and intense. Now, would you really want to indulge in such a routine with tight shoes that compress your feet together causing injuries? Your entire body can feel pain if your feet is also in pain, hence your shoes should be crafted in such a way that it helps you maintain the right walking mechanism devoid of hurts. Blisters and calluses can occur when your feet are compressed tightly in your shoes or when your shoes are not as comfortable as they should be. In order to avoid such occurrences, take your time when shopping for walking shoes so you can own a comfortable pair that is sure to help you achieve your desired health goals.
  • HELPS YOU ENJOY YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE: There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about discomfort. Exercise as an activity is meant to be enjoyed because you are taking steps towards putting your body in the right shape. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you might want to stop walking from the moment you begin, this will make the entire process futile and unproductive. Research has shown that most people who enjoy their workout experience get faster results, are much more relaxed and happy, they always look forward to working out and enjoy better health. With very comfortable walking shoes, you are bound to go on walks more often, as the absence of pain surely means the presence of fun.
  • BENEFICIAL TO GOOD HEALTH: There is a plethora of health benefits associated with walking as an exercise. With regards metabolism, walking helps control your weight, it puts blood sugar in check and maintains your cholesterol levels. A lively walk is sure to get rid of 100 calories per mile, awesome right? On the contrary, if the walking shoes you have on are not a comfortable fit then all of these amazing benefits will elude you. Getting a comfortable pair of walking shoe can increase the effectiveness of your blood vessels which in turn increases the supply and circulation of blood for proper respiration.
  • FOR SPEED: Walking as a form of exercise is quite different from taking a stroll on the street. If you intend getting the most effective result, then it has to be done right, this is where speed comes in. If your shoes are comfortable, your walking speed will increase, as your walking speed increases, you are bound to do more miles which helps in burning off calories. Also, uncomfortable shoes, will make you walk a shorter distance and spend less time walking, no one wants to spend a lot of time exercising whilst nursing an injury. It is easier to endure a walk even in an unfavourable weather with comfortable shoes, so for more speed, walking more miles whilst having fun, comfortable shoes are a necessary requirement.

From the importance outlined above, you will agree that every woman should own at least a pair of walking shoes that holds the promise of comfort and an effective workout experience. Some women are concerned about the peculiar features to look out for when purchasing walking shoes. Comfort is a major feature that should cut across all product types but there are other key things to note at the point of purchase as well, these features are the parts and make up of good walking shoes.


Different types of walking shoes currently exist in the market, these products vary according to the specs and peculiar design of various manufacturing companies. Despite the slight differences in products, there are some major factors that cut across all shoe types. Simply put, every shoe regardless of the product type should embody these features and there are: Insole, Midsole, Outsole, Upper part and Toe bumper, so let’s explore.

INSOLE: This refers to the inner part of a walking shoe, it is a very important part because it is where your feet will be placed on directly. When shopping for a walking shoe, take time out to touch the insoles with your fingers to ascertain how soft and comfortable it feels. Insoles should be light, should be able to cushion the feet and absorb moisture. The insoles do not come in contact with the environment outside but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cared for, insoles should be changed from time to time as they do a bulk of the work so they are susceptible to wear and tear.

MIDSOLE: The midsole is the layer of a walking shoe that is stationed between the outsole and the insole, it’s placed there for the absorption of shock. The midsole also protects the foot from feeling hard, sharp or hurtful objects when walking. The best midsoles of walking shoes that guarantees comfort are made with EVA (ethel vinyl acetate). EVA is a man-made material that is known as foam, it is soft, flexible, easy to process and manipulate during production. EVA is the perfect choice because of its low temperature, crack-resistance and eco-friendly features. EVA also comes with waterproof properties which is an added advantage for women who intend using their walking shoes in areas filled with water (please note that not all walking shoes are waterproof, check the features of the shoes before making a final purchase).

OUTSOLE: The underside of a walking shoe is what is known as the outsole. The outsole is what supports your feet when walking and it is important that you purchase a shoe with comfortable outsoles. The outsole of a comfortable shoe should not have high heels, the heel should not be more than one inch higher than the sole under the ball of the foot. It is important that the outsole of a shoe is thick as, a thin sole will wear out faster though it does give the shoe a lighter feel. Some women prefer a lighter outsole because it’s easy to walk around in but if you prefer a much more durable shoe then you should go for walking shoes with thicker outsoles.

UPPER PART: The entire part of the shoe that covers the foot is known as the upper part. It is the part above the sole, usually this part is the first part that catches the buyer’s attention. The upper parts are made up of different materials that include natural and synthetic such as leather/suede. Shoes made with leather are suitable as their skin pores allow for the passage of air thus keeping feet at a constant temperature when walking but they are heavier than shoes made with suede. Walking shoes made with suede are lighter, this will hold much appeal for women who seek a lighter shoe for longer walks. Your preference for either one of them is dependent on your fabric of choice and past experience with these fabrics. Point is, when considering the shoe to buy, regardless of the material used on the upper part, comfort should be paramount.

TOE BUMPER: The toes are very sensitive hence it is important to protect them when embarking on walks. The toe bumper is at the front part of walking shoes, this is the part where the toes fit in. Whatever type of shoe you buy should have a very solid toe cap/bumper that can protect your toes from accidents or bumps in the course of your walk. Taking a walk in rocky terrain will be much more comfortable when you purchase a great walking shoe with protective but comfortable toe bumper. Now you know the features of a comfortable walking shoe, the importance of getting a pair has also been discussed so what are the major things to consider before purchasing a pair?

Firstly, if you are uncertain about the product to buy or if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the shoe that will just be right for you, then you might have to seek the advice of a podiatrist. A podiatrist is in a better position to give you information on the best shoe to buy especially if you have health challenges. The next thing to consider is the weather, the weather in the area you wish to exercise or walk in is very important. For example if you intend walking in an area with weather that is prone to lots of rain, then you might want to buy a waterproof walking shoe. If the weather is very hot, then go for shoes with a leather upper part for easy penetration of air and the maintenance of body temperature. More so, the area you choose for your walks is vital as well, if you will be walking in rocky areas where there are stones, rocks and sharp objects, the shoe you purchase should embody a stronger outsole and effective toe bumper. A lighter shoe will be suitable for areas that are devoid of sharp and hurtful objects. Also, price is another consideration, when purchasing comfortable walking shoes it should be quality over quantity, if you buy the best, you will experience the best! Do not buy shoes that are cheap yet uncomfortable.


To get the very best out of your walking shoe, you’ve got to know how best to care for it. The durability of a walking shoe isn’t totally dependent on the manufacturer rather how the buyer/user utilizes the shoe goes a long way in determining its life span. Walking shoes are specially crafted for walks so do not use it nor care for it like you do with a regular shoe. After your much needed walk, wash off the dirt or mud that may have gotten stuck to the outsole of your shoes. The leather can be damaged if you leave the shoes unattended to and grit can get into the material causing gaps and ultimately reducing the quality of the material.

Remove the insoles of your shoes, wash them separately and leave to dry out properly before putting them back in the shoe. Use good cleaning products that are specially designed for cleaning out walking shoes, ask properly at the point of purchase before using it. As you use your shoe, its utility decreases due to factors such as weight, distance, weather, terrain and accidents thus, it is important that you change your walking shoes often, you are required to change your shoes every six months if you use them all the time.


Our focus on comfortable walking shoes for women will not be complete without a comprehensive product review that cut across some of the most comfortable and excellent shoes available in the market, find below an array of walking shoes that are just right for you.

  • New Balance Women’s WW1765 Fitness Walking Shoe

A lot of walkers buy this product, it is known for its superior quality in terms of providing layers of comfort for users. You are assured of great walking experience without pain because of the extra layer of cushion added to the shoes. This product is also very popular because it is one of the most affordable walking shoes, with prices that can suit just about any budget, walkers who have used this product vouch for its durability with its trendy synthetic material. It has also been described as one of the lightest walking shoes with enough padding within to protect your feet. When next you go shopping, remember this super comfy tool for that extra special feel.

  • Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX

Your search for the most comfortable walking shoes ends when you encounter the Salomon X Mid 2 GTX. This walking shoe offers good ankle support as you walk, it is an all season kind of shoe suitable for any climate and terrain. Slide into optimum comfort and support in these shoes that have sturdy outsoles, breathable mesh and tightened laces for a firmer feel and waterproof features for walks in wet areas. Women love this product for the feminine colours it is produced in, as it gives them an array of options to choose from.

  • ASICS Women’s GEL-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe

This product is manufactured by a company that has made a name for itself in the production of sports shoes. This background of excellence has endeared lots of walkers to them as they keep raising the bar in the delivery of top-notch products. The ASICS Women’s GEL-Tech Neo 4 Walking shoe is exclusively designed to help prevent injuries such as blisters when taking long walks, this is because the shoes are so comfortable and perfectly designed for all arch types. With a history of quality delivery, you can be rest assured that this product is a worthy investment on your journey to healthy living.

  • Berghaus Women’s Prognosis II GTX

This is for the woman who doesn’t do street walks, this is for the woman who conquers tough terrains and takes her fitness walks up a notch. With heavily built in soles and good heels that aid supple walks, this shoe stands out amongst others. The mesh at the top is so light, you will barely feel a thing and this helps in keeping feet dry while giving room for air. The stiffness at the heel cup is made for stability when walking, jogging or running, the fabulous synthetic suede and rubber used at the top gives it an edgy look that portrays class.

  • Merrell Chamelon Wrap Slam Gore-Tex XCR Teak


Gore-Tex XCR is a blend of technology and comfort! This walking shoe is made by Merrell, renowned for making some of the most exquisite walking shoes in the world, this is definitely going to be a valuable purchase that fulfils your expectations and more. The mesh this shoe comes in is one that allows air in, the shoe is made in its own Gore-Texb XCR fabric lining and is swift in absorbing heat and sweat. With great body looks, excellent features all from a fantastic manufacturer, it doesn’t get better than this.

  • Brasher Diablo XCR- Nut

Running through a stream? Then you can rely on brasher shoes that are very comfortable with versatile features. Brasher is recognised for manufacturing brown shoes and boots hence their range of walking shoes are brown in colour as well. Exquisitely made from brown suede, with very firm outsole and waterproof protection, this walking shoe is a beauty to behold and has set the bar high for other walking shoes.

Women are trend setters, they are at the forefront in the promotion of healthy living thus, they require excellent and comfortable shoes that will help them get by. From the benefits of walking to the importance to walking shoes, the features to look out for and how best to care for your shoes, we have given a comprehensive peek into the world of comfortable walking shoes for women. If you follow the guidelines above, you are sure to get walking shoes that are just right for you with a promise of comfort as you embark on the ever rewarding journey of good health.



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Trail running refers to a distinct sport that involves trail runners running and hiking on mountainous regions. If you haven’t been on a trail race before, then you have missed out on a lot of fun trips that are exciting and test your endurance level. The popularity of trail running grows in leaps and bounds every day as people are becoming more aware of how cool it is to take longer trails through protracted ascents and descents whilst basking in the beauty of wild nature. Often time trail running is classified as a form of cross country or road running event but this isn’t the case, cross country is a sport done over a shorter stretch whilst road running as the name implies is done on roads usually in cities.

What is needed the most to enjoy your trail running experience are your trail running shoes, this paper seeks to highlight the finest trail running shoes you can find. Are you new to the idea of trail running? maybe you haven’t even heard about the term before and you’re wondering what we’re talking about, you might ask yourself ‘do I need a trail running shoe’ ‘why is it so important’ don’t fret because in addition to our analysis on the best trail shoes to pick out, we will be offering the benefits of trail running, a detailed guideline on the major things you should consider before you purchase a pair of trail running shoes, the types available in the market, their exclusive feature and a fresh look at some very great products that promises to make your shopping experience nothing but a breeze.


Don’t be so quick to read up the product review section and hurriedly buy shoes if you do not know what they are meant for or their immense benefits. Trail running like every other aspect of sports has its advantages, these advantages form the basis for which you purchase the necessary requirement. So what are the benefits of trail running?

  • Therapeutic Silence

They say “silence is golden”, in this situation, silence is everything. The peace and quiet one experiences whilst on a trail run is unmatched, this solitude in running helps trail runners achieve maximum results with regards their health. Nature is man’s best medicine and trail running exposes man to the best sides of nature, this awesome benefit of trail running also plays a vital role in enhancing your mood.

  • Strengthens your Muscles

Trail running requires a lot of patience and endurance, unlike other forms of exercise or sport, trail running strengthens your muscles the most. As you take on longer trails in untamed nature, your muscles get built up and this contributes to your overall wellbeing. You can achieve stronger muscles by using only the best trail running shoes, uncomfortable shoes will make your trail running experience an exercise in futility so stick around with us as we give you the best advice on the best shoes to get for strengthened muscles.

  • Helps build Stamina

People often wonder why most East African athletes run for miles without getting tired, they are the undisputed champions when it comes to marathons and this is because they engage in trail running a lot. Trail running helps you build stamina, as you run through tough terrains often, you will observe that you can maintain your speed without running out of breath. This can also be instrumental for you when engaging in other sports as you can have a lot of fun whilst building staying power.

  • Avoidance of Pollution

Most runners often worry about the impact of inhaled toxic materials like carbon monoxide when running on roads in cities where pollutants abound. With trail running, you are exposed to fresh air devoid of such poisonous substances, your running experience will be one filled with the free flow of unadulterated oxygen as you take giant strides in conquering brawny terrains. It also reduces your susceptibility to certain diseases that are caused by pollutants, so trail running offers a myriad of benefits needed to boost your health.

  • Reduced cases of injuries

With trail running, you already have your trail path laid out for you, chances are a lot of other runners have gone through the same path as you so all you have to do is pick up on their trail. As you do this, the chances of sustaining injuries are minimized as most runners sustain injuries when they are unsure of routes to take or encounter tougher terrains filled with sharp objects.

Ready to go trail running now? With knowledge on what trail running is all about and its benefits you should be ready to embark on this awesome experience that will surely make you take a quantum leap on your journey to excellent health. We did mention earlier on that the most important tool you require for this sport is the trail running shoe. This is the premise on which this article is built on, to identify the finest road trail shoes. So why is it so important to get a fantastic pair? Find out below.


Grit, rocks, fallen trees, stones are just some of the unwanted particles you may encounter when trail running, your feet needs protection from all of these. An average trail running shoe is armed with hard parts such as toe bumpers that protect the feet from injuries that may occur when one stumbles, the outsoles also protects the bottom of your feet from piercing objects. A good trail running shoe is a great investment if one desires to run in safety. Trail running in comfort is a wonderful experience! Most trail runners can run for miles without feeling jetlagged because they utilized very comfortable running shoes that guarantee safety and comfort. With protective and comfortable shoes, you can be certain that trail running will be a constant part of your routine. Also, most trail running shoes last longer than regular running shoes because they are built for dense areas. Their durability steams from the fact that they are made with materials that can take on the pressure of longer races. Good trail running shoes offer a unique blend of protection, comfort and durability making them a must-have for everyone. Are you ready to assess our first-rate tail running shoes? They are the very best amongst a number of different products with properties that are second to none.


  • Nike Zoom Elite 9

This trail running shoe is manufactured by one of the best running shoes manufacturers in the world. Nike has a long history of churning out shoes that are ahead of time, crafted to perfection and designed to suit any terrain. The Zoom Elite 9 is from the Nike Zoom Elite series, they are lightweight shoes that cradle the feet in extra layers of cushioning for comfort. The tensile fibre inside the shoe shrinks and bounces back to shape as racing takes place giving the racer a vivacious feel. Its versatility makes it a multi-purpose shoe that is durable as well as comfortable. Nike Zoom Elite 9 shoes come in black, white and stealth colours.

  • New Balance Leadville v3


The key word we deem suitable to describe this power shoe is, Firmness. Conceived on the idea of providing impenetrable running shoes, this product is a breath of fresh air in the market, the New Balance Leadville v3 is modelled for the racer who seeks a very solid shoe for races that stretch for longer miles. You can be a real life superhero running in these shoes with grit-free upper part, well layered outsoles, breathable mesh and wider space within the shoes for runners who have big feet. We give this trail running shoe a pass mark.

  • Altra Olympus 2.0

Give your feet a treat it will always long for with this amazing trail running shoe. Suitable for both roads and mountainous regions, Alta Olympus is an adaptable shoe with Vibram outsoles that give the assurance of effective traction. This product gets better and better with time as most users have given rave reviews about the stability they felt whilst running in them. Make the wise choice today by purchasing a pair for the most exhilarating trail running experience ever.

  • Salomon Speedcross 4

Now who doesn’t love technology? The Salomon Speedcross 4 encompasses the very best of what technology can offer in a trail running shoe. It is water-resistant, very flexible on the feet, with the ability to stay strong in muddy and snowy terrains. With this shoe you do not have to worry about the protection of your toes as its protective outer toe caps gives the assurance of safety when you encounter hurtful objects. If you are a seasoned runner then you will find that this shoe is an added touch of class to your collection, Salomon Speedcross is more than a shoe, it is a feeling.

  • Merrell All Out Peak

You can add a bit of style and fashion to your trail running adventure when you pick out stylish shoes like the Merrell All Out Peak. The mesh of this shoe is classy with high quality synthetic material that allows the free flow of air and flexibility in movement. Due to its layers of cushioning, your feet gets a compulsory massage every time, we know you can’t wait to get running in these shoes. Merrell is a leading name in the production of running shoes, so you can bank on their unrivalled experience that guarantees safety, protection from injuries and comfort whilst running. This running shoe can also be utilized at night because of its outer body reflective features.

  • Inov-8 Talon 200

With superior EVA foam in the midsoles, the comfort of the cushioning in this shoe for the absorption of shock is matchless. Its lightweight, very free on the inside thus allows for free flow of air and stable too. Its flexibility on the inside creates enough room for the feet to stay free aiding its protection from injuries such as blisters and calluses. Suitable for any competition, this trail running shoe comes in a variety of sizes, with neutral arch support and guess what? It is water repellent too! A wonderful trail running experience awaits you with this amazing piece of well-crafted trail running goodness.

  • The North Face Ultra Endurance